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TL;DR at the bottom.

Look at the mobs' names. Boss Beast 1. It's funny, and to some it may seem silly. But it does have one big, although subtle meaning: It shows that this part of the game hard mode Karagga's Palace was likely not tested once. Bioware didn't even test the raid once to notice that the mobs have to be renamed to "Ugly Dog" before going live.

Then there's the fact that the boss itself seems unpolished. It has what is supposedly a cone AOE, only it randomly hits people behind him.

It also has a problem with how it spawns. It spawns in the middle of the room, which is where players load into when they click on the door to his room. That, combined with his cone AOE, can lead to some random deaths just because Bioware did not notice or could not take the time to reposition the boss's spawn. This can be fixed by resetting the entire instance, but then players have to clear the raid's trash packs again.

The problem is it's just not this raid that is bugged. There are bugs and serious flaws elsewhere. In the Eternity Vault raid the third boss the puzzle boss randomly breaks. Same thing with the fourth boss the 1V1 x8 or x16 boss. Then flashpoints, especially hard-mode flashpoints, are constantly overtuned, badly designed (requiring a knockback when a good amount of groups may not have a class with a knockback), or flat-out broken and buggy. Loot randomly doesn't work in both raids and flashpoints. Raids and flashpoints randomly have to be reset after wipes because players can't zone in, forcing the raid or group to clear trash all over again.

In the PVP front queues randomly break for literally hours on end. Ilum has no incentive for actual conflict. Thanks to player exploits Outlaw's Den has lost the only incentive it used to have outside of very rare chest spawns: great crafting mats in a small space.

Then there's the gameplay and UI problems, like ability delay, which is sometimes intentional; the lack of UI modification; and the total lack of target of target (huge deal).

I know, I know. Most people are not at endgame. That is completely accurate, and I can understand the position.

Here is the problem: This is the kind of stuff that gives bad word of mouth, especially when it's all put together. There isn't a single aspect of the endgame that isn't unpolished or bugged, and that puts a bad taste in top players' mouths. If the top guilds and players are complaining about the game being a buggy mess at endgame that only discourages the casual, low-level players from working up. After all, why would they level up and work up to what is essentially a buggy mess?

TL;DR: I'm here for the long haul, Bioware, but at this rate I can't guarantee even my guilds or friends will be. If these bugs in every aspect of endgame aren't fixed before the end of the month I don't see the top guilds renewing, and that bad publicty can trickle down to the masses.
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