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01.02.2012 , 03:21 AM | #1
Currently for the TFE flashpoint, he has a ton of cool gimmicks that are fun to play, except when you have him low on health.

He then goes invulnerable and does not stop spraying lightning at random party members. The only way to kill him is to physically drag him like with the commando's grapple ability or interrupt with a knockback ability over to a ledge, then two party members need to stagger their knockbacks within 5-10 seconds or so in order for him to be actually knocked back. He is otherwise completely immune to damage.

This is fine if you have two jedi in your group, but we had me (a sage), two smugglers and a trooper. I can knock back every 20 seconds, but everyone else either has a pull on a very long cooldown or has a kick knockback on a 2 minute cooldown.

You're assuming (perhaps in some instances rightly so) that the group is going to have two jedis or more in the instance that can do fast knockbacks.

Please change this mechanic to only needing one knockback. Keep the mechanic like it is with needing him to go to the ledge, but just one knockback should be required to knock him physically off the cliff.