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I have to agree that this is pretty bad from BW, considering they never said anything about the time you would get into the headstart related to the time you actually registered your preorder, until very close to the end of beta. I have been playing MMO's since original EQ, have beta'd and played several, and I dont think any other game that offered a preorder, did it this way. In some ways , you could call it a "Bait and Switch" marketing ploy, which is an illegal practice in the U.S.
Its not a matter of crying about not getting all the days or 2 of the days or w/e....its about being mislead.
Armchair lawyer ftw. Under no circumstances could you call this a bait and switch, as they've been upfront since the beginning. When you pre-order and get your pre-order code, you are told you will get early access. When you register said code, you get an email that says you will get up to 5 days. Back in July, you got an email that said up to 5 days. In the last month, they've added to that time, giving people up to 7 days. It's absolutely a matter of crying. You weren't mislead, you ignored information.
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