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01.02.2012 , 01:56 AM | #11
Tried this tonight - This is not hard mode, it is extremely hard mode.

For those people who are looking to gear up for ops, tionese (aka tier 1 raid gear), as I understand it, this fight is near on impossible when he brings the force lightning.

Are we missing some sort of mechanic for the fight? Yes, I can see the force lightning being cast for the split second that I'm alive, then he proceeds to down the rest of the group with 20k ticks!?

As a tank just turned 50, with some champion gear already and 50 mods kit - immortal spec I have 16.5k health. Its not alot, however, it should be enough to tank the fp, which it is, and deal with revan, which it is, untill the exact same thing op posted happens and group gets owned by one shot.

5k ticks would be sufficiently hard and enough time to interrupt, but, 20k even 35 and 60k I heard some of the peeps in my group say they got hit with (BH, heavy armour, same level of kit)

This defo needs either fixing or nerfing. Proper impossible mission!