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01.02.2012 , 01:41 AM | #26
Im not cool enough to say I watched the original 3 in theaters since I was born in 1993. But my parents bought me episodes 4-6 on VHS with the documentary before each one (which I skipped because I was 5).

So obviously, I love episodes 1-3 as well, I feel like they make a great addition to the original 3.

However, I don't like remastering these films for more money, just like the crap series "The Clone Wars." I hate the idea of episode 1 being in 3D. I also bought the Blu-Ray DVDs that just came out, and on some things I wanted back to the originals. The one I wanted most was Old Ben's yell at the sand people in episode 4.

I am all down for increasing quality, but when you **** on it with 3D effects, or make the entire film animated, it sucks.