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01.01.2012 , 09:11 PM | #7
The problem as I see it OP is the loss of epeen. Swtor is a game that is enjoyable by the masses and does not concentrate on epeen waving thus offending the soapbox hardcore wannabees. You saw them come out on the forums recently after smashIng their way to 50 and claim that there was nothing to do. Problem with that was that nobody cared then or now. These guys are terrified that their snowflakes have melted before they even hit the ground; and for the most part they Indeed have.

Panic ensued and these same people took to the forums in an attempt to destroy the game by way of bad publicity. This is failing also. The rest of us meanwhile are reveling in our new game and just enjoying all that it has to offer. once the free month has passed and these guy head back to WoW you will see this game flourish with content and good times for all. The haters will be back in the Barrens talking about Chuck Norris' school of Panda studies.