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Players should not be able to roll "Need" on items they cannot equip. There is literally no logical reason whatsoever why this should be enabled.

Some people may think it should be this way for companions, but gearing a companion should most certainly not take precedence over gearing a player. The reason why is simple: companions are less important than players because they have little use in Flashpoints, none in Warzones, and cannot even be used against world bosses. They are minor extensions of the player whose primary combat purpose is to assist throughout the leveling phase.

It is the same concept with "Greed" the way it works now. Yes, a player can sell an item for credits, but because doing so is deemed less important than actually equipping it, "Need" takes precedence.

BioWare should prevent players from rolling "Need" on items their character cannot personally equip, and then proceed to implement a "Companion Need" option that takes precedence over "Greed."

Needing for a companion is like a group of people shoveling a sidewalk so that some ******* can use it as a parking space. Really, if a Smuggler spends an hour in a Flashpoint and the Scattergun he wants drops, why should a Jedi Knight's companion be more deserving?

BioWare, please consider changing the current loot system.

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