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TL;DR I believe these people just want to sabotage the SWTOR popularity because they fear that if SWTOR grows, the future of MMOs would be more like SWTOR such as focusing on story and the leveling process instead of endgame. They fear that MMOs would become single player friendly. In short, they fear that the SWTOR formula would be the baseline formula for future MMOs.
Well, not knocking TOR because it's a good game... but it isn't the view (including my own) of what a true MMO should be. People have varying expectations about what makes a game an MMO.

The vision of my future perfect MMO includes one without player levels, abilities that are skill based (the more you use an ability, the better you get at it), true player driven economy, robust crafting/merchant play, robust diplomacy/faction play, and still have a guided storyline (but not necesssarily for the player character, a general overall world story will do fine.)

Call it a themebox or sandpark... there is a happy medium that has not yet been struck.
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