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TL;DR I believe these people just want to sabotage the SWTOR popularity because they fear that if SWTOR grows, the future of MMOs would be more like SWTOR such as focusing on story and the leveling process instead of endgame. They fear that MMOs would become single player friendly. In short, they fear that the SWTOR formula would be the baseline formula for future MMOs.

I'll keep this short but hear me out. SWTOR is obviously not for everyone, especially if you are one of those old school MMO traditionalist who believes the real purpose behind MMOs is endgame and etc.....

With that being said, they do not like how SWTOR has a focus on leveling and not endgame. They do not like how SWTOR is bringing in people [such as myself] who are not traditional MMO players but rather single player gamers whos ONLY reason behind playing SWTOR is the promise of story and the ability to literally play it as a single player game if chosen to. The haters fear that if SWTOR grows and becomes really popular, then SWTOR would be used or could be used as the benchmark for future MMOs meaning future AAA MMOs will have emphasis on story.....interactive dialog....cutscenes and everything else that SWTOR does with the 4th Pillar of story.

These haters have already made up their mind that they do not like SWTOR and will either go back to other current MMOs, or just hold out until Guild Wars 2. However, because they fear that SWTOR could grow, they do not want their current MMOs or future MMOs [GW2] to be lacking in population because everyone is playing SWTOR.

So BASICALLY, the people against SWTOR pretty much want to sabatoge the popularity of SWTOR with the hopes that everyone jumps off of the "SWTOR bandwagon" and play other MMOs or hold out for future MMOs. I mean why is it that the people who supposendly have cancelled their subscription still post here? Why is it that the people who have came to the conclusion that they gate SWTOR.....continue to post here? Why is it that the most passionate opinions about SWTOR tend to be the negative ones?