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01.01.2012 , 07:01 PM | #1
This has probably already been posted before but i can't find it. Must have gotten lost. But anyway the ship battle is bugged. You goto use the turrets to damage the ship when it is in range but its not working. The ship will not take damage at all no matter how many time you use a turret to fire on it. The first hit usually works but after that nothing. Since this is part of a storyline quest and bioware have focused this game on the storyline why has it not been fixed yet?? This is pissing me off because i can't finish my storyline because of this.

On another note I'v been reading about so many bugs with other flashpoints that i just can't believe these were not picked up during that what 8 months of beta? I think they'll be fixed when hell freezes over and that will never happen. Flame me all you want but this does not go down well with the future of this game if they can't bring out hotfixes for alot of these bugs.