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Like he said

And sorry if i don't have money to UPGRADE MY PC, stupidest answer ever...

The real problem is not my pc, the problem is that those 2 loading are not usefull... and as far as i know, every fp, you come on a ship, so why not put a droid at the respawn point and that's it, problem solved, 2 loading removed, and the idea of the barrier like in pvp makes the death penalty

So next time you answer guys, feel free to use your brain at least one second before telling something stupid...

This is an issue and needs to be fixed, and can certainly be easily
Well, I have to disagree and say it needs to be this way. This helps prevent someone from dying and immediately getting back in the action. A penalty of sorts to make sure you cannot help the battle that is currently going on, at least not right away. The only way to fix it while still being in the FP would be to change the design to make you wait.

I know that CE is in here somewhere