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Have killed this fight a couple times on hard mode with the bugged lightning.

At around 42-44%, Revan will start to cast Force Storm.
At around 34-36%, Revan will start his first Force Lightning

When Force Storm finishes, have your tank wait around 3-4 seconds, then pop all of his cooldowns and get a pre-shield if you're running with a sorc. When he gets hit by Force Lightning, he should survive the first tick giving you enough time to interrupt. From here on out, you need to burn cooldowns to get him down to 20% for the final phase. You do have some leeway in a 2nd Force Storm, but anytime past that is risking catching a 2nd Force Lightning.

Once you reach 20%, the fight is pretty much a kill.

My take on the fight is that it is WAY too easy without the Force Lightning being "bugged". It could probably be working as intended
This guy has it right.

Here's our wipe video, it illustrates that it's indeed POSSIBLE to survive the first tick, but if not interrupted tank will die.