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As many players of the Empire know, there's a flashpoint where you enter a Foundry area [I'm mainly Republic so I don't know the name] and it was owned by Revan. I knew Revan had to be alive during the game even before I found out about the flashpoint. I had reasoning with Revan being so strong in the Force, he can survive 300 years as Yoda did for 800-900 years.

I was glad they gave him a face to his mysterious stranger personality of masking his face. [Did anyone catch the reference? ^_^] But the way you left his story was just horrible. I'm sorry, but the way HK was destroyed too was pretty bad as well. In KotOR II you have a mini-quest to repair him, and I'm sure if you had the chance to do so again you would, but he won't be the same and I'm positive the Empire just destroyed him.

Revan had such a rich history and made the KotOR games amazing. Revan was the star of it, not the Wars, not the companions, Revan. His book was amazing and answers some left-over questions we had such as the Emperor, True Sith, the Exile, etc. I just don't like how you left him like that was horrible.

His death should've had been more honorable and even make the most ruthless Empire players feel bad about killing him. I hope you plan on doing something with his death like maybe he transported through the Force or something. I know it was time to say good-bye to our faithful friend, but I just think it should've been more cinematic for him. He is the one of the only reasons why The Old Republic was made and had so much success because KotOR players knew the back-story.

I hope you enjoyed part of my rant, just sad to see his death this way instead of another way.
nag bioware enough and they will change that, remember way back in the day when the Consular sage was called Jedi Wizard? enough people say no Bioware makes things happen, Revan shall return