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Dont get me wrong i love difficult fp's, i wish fp's had nightmare mode but it seems like alot of these hard mode fp bosses have some crazy enrage timers. A few of them seem unbeatable by people who actualy need the gear they drop.

Does anyone else feel this way? Im a tank and dont have any problems tanking them but if i dont bring 2 raid geared dps who dont need the gear the boss drops we hit the enrage timer, its hard to tell what is going on with NO COMBAT LOGS so i thought id ask here if other people are running into the same thing.
I have yet to run them as im just about to hit 50, but I have seen many people on these forums say they have beaten every flash point with non raid geared dps. Most likely the DPS is low and sadly w/o combat logs or a damage meter we have no way to tell. I for one will be making sure that I run with guildies who know their class and how to get the maximum out of it.