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01.01.2012 , 12:24 PM | #1
Da ich gerade wenig zeit habe, c+p ich meinen beitrag aus dem englischen forum.

If you want competetive and skillbased pvp, dont play this game,
laggy bg's
delay after every animation destroys timing ( even interrupt spells )
no bg or neither arena with rating
gear means absolutely NOTHING
Talking of gear, getting gear is completely RANDOM
open pvp is dead
80% casuals

Cya, till we got some rated wz's or arena.

too bad I've bought this game for 50+26 bucks.
I love how people pull the skill card in this game. The skillcap is about an inch off the floor. This game, in its current incarnation, requires little to no skill. It's a casuals wet dream and it's no wonder so many defend it.