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I just wanted to say hi to all of the fellow GLBT players.

As for the people who are complaining about this thread, I'm curious if you live lives that are in no way sectioned off into appropriate portions? Let me elaborate.

Each time there is a 49ers game, I invite my friends over who I know like the Niners. Now obviously my friends who are not Niners fans might want to come over, and I have no qualms about it. However, most of them tend to get bored when they realize for the next few hours they're going to have to hear a bunch of dudes complain about how much the head coach of a team they could not care less about sucks ('cause he does!).

A good friend of mine is highly religious. She attends her church every Sunday, goes to church functions whenever she can, and has her children enrolled in Catholic school. She knows, however, that I am not a member of her church or a believer in her religion. Despite being so heavily religious and having it affect her life in such a strong manner, she does not invite me. Why? Well, I have little interest in them.

Healthy, mature people are able to look at their lives and the community that surrounds it and section it off appropriately. This does not mean that they refuse to let people in one part of their life enter another. I'm a psych major and I love rambling on about new things I've learned in school. A good friend of mine is the same and so we like to sit around and talk Jung for far too long. Nevertheless, when I heard another friend of mine show interest in it I invited him along. He's now enrolled in college and taking psychology courses. We section off our lives in appropriate ways so that we can more pleasantly enjoy them. Everybody is guilty of this.

This, for many of us, has NOTHING to do with excluding others. Instead, it is a group of people with common interests who are gathering to have fun and enjoy a good game.

Personally, I play SWTOR with real life friends, but none of them are in the LGBT community. That's why I'm looking for another guild on another server. I hope to find one, but when I do I wont abandon my friends.