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01.01.2012 , 10:29 AM | #10
And again we are back at the good old "What does heroic Combat mean to you" Discussion.

For me, none of it really felt heroic. I actually felt more heroic at the lower levels, when I could take on two or three Imperial Troopers without even noticing it, and not at endgame solo content where you are (depending on your class) not too successful, should you try to attack a mob by yourself, without companion.

And there I always wonder, why not take two or three of these Soldiers from Ilum (or however that ice planet was called again) and put them as Bodyguards for all important people you meet/kill over the course of the game? Would make it so much easier.

And for the sake of it. Stop spreading all doom if the Esseles is attacked by some Star Destroyer. I have A ship docked, that can wipe that thing from space, as have my three friends. I do not need to board it, we can just shoot it down...