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01.01.2012 , 09:20 AM | #9
I think the combat is rather "heroic" feeling. As a 32 Sith Juggernaut the only types of mission that I can't handle are Heroic areas that are meant specifically for 2-4 players and Flashpoints.

I don't expect my 1 character to be able to go into these areas alone and be one bad-mutha-shut-yo-mouth. They simply aren't meant for that to happen and the only way that you can go into these areas and kick butt is by being way higher level than them. Effectively taking away any actual fun or challenge to them.

Now, for regular missions and other non-heroic areas (this includes nearly every story quest) there is absolutely no problem with me taking on groups of 3-5 enemies at a time and this is the only MMO I've ever played where I could successfully do that on a melee character.

But I think the real "Heroic Combat" is just in the combat animations and such. For example, when I use Ravage, a 3 hit combo lightsaber attack and the first hit is normal, the second knocks the target to a knee in a defenseless posture and the third strike finishes them knocking them to a ground. While sure, they get back up if they have more hp, it's an awesome way to "finish" an enemy when that last strike kills them.

And most notably when you aren't actively pushing a skill how you automatically deflect blaster fire and parry vibroblade and lightsaber strikes. It's quite cool to watch sometimes.