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I am surprised by the reaction you are getting. From reading your post, I know you don't want the ability to one shot enemies.

I can tell you are not necessarily pining for World of Warcraft (WoW). I have never played WoW past a 15 day trial.
The issue I have been having is that the Player vs. Environment (PvE) content does not really do a great job preparing you for the Flashpoints or Heroic missions.

So far (I am level 29), normal missions (non Heroic missions or Flashpoints) only require 3-4 abilities at most. Also, they do not require any real coordination between human characters. I guess what I am trying to say is that the game does nothing to really prepare you for the Flashpoints. The difficulty ratchets up dramatically.

The game, ironically, almost assumes that you have played another Massively Multi-Player Online Game (MMO). Because if you haven't, you will be sorely unprepared for flashpoints. I, myself, did not understand the importance of crowd control and my own crowd control abilities (Concussive Round, Concussion Blast, Cryo Grenade). It wasn't until a Jedi I had grouped with explained it to me, that I realised how important they are. And, then, the switcheroo. These abilities do not work on certain bosses.

For those bosses, a decent level of team coordination/composition is required. Again, the game pretty much assumes that you played another MMO and understand all this.

I am not whining and saying that the game needs to hold our hand. That is not what I want. However, I do think that the developers may want to think of differentiating its group content more from other MMOs. Because, as of now and from what I have read on this forum, the group content does not seem all that much different from other MMOs. Also, I do find it ironic that it seems the developers half expect people to have been trained in group content on other MMOs.

EDIT: I know my post is long enough as is and that most people probably won't read it. My one suggestion to improve things would be to allow us to respec our skills for group content. In Mandalorian Raiders, I grouped with two Smugglers and a Jedi. At the time my commando hybrid build had 11 points in gunnery and 7 in healing. It became obvious that we did not have enough DPS for the hounds and their hound master. So, it would have been great if one of the smugglers could have respecced as a healer, and if I could have respecced for more dps. However, that option is not available. We had so much trouble with the mission, that we disbanded.

I think the ability to respec would help group content along. Groups disbanding because they do not have the right composition, to me, is a bad thing.