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Having to explain to a ten year old, let alone getting her brother to help her, that its not too hard doesn't cut it anymore. She; and for the most part her brother; are playing because games are supposed to be fun. While some will think ten is young with proper supervision the game is fine, she sees worse on cable and hears worse as school. That out of the way, far too many missions are stymieing her simple because of the elites involved. Her brother would never admit any problems but he is a bit more stubborn so eventually pushes his way past most if.

What I am getting to is that if she stops playing most likely the rest of us will too. She wants to do her character by herself (if I have to explain why you don't know young ladies) . While we can and do play together at times its a matter of timing. Leaving Christmas vacation and my timimg will be wholly different from theirs. There just isn't a point to the heroic mobs in the normal missions. They are only frustrating and not helping the story along. Of the four of us she does not do missions unless prodded but she will control the fate of four accounts.