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Firstly, having a lightsaber and the ability to use the force does not make one invincible. So don't expect to be able to conquer massive horde of enemies.

That aside, I do agree that some of the combat does not feel heroic. However, as the trolls have hinted earlier, a majority of the early game, I'd say probably between 1-35 or so, depending on how fast you progress through your class story, doesn't exactly feel heroic at all. As you progress beyond that, the difficulty begins to ramp up significantly, having fairly strong reliance on your companion, although this may differ depending on your advanced class. The class story quests later on, at least for the bounty hunter class, makes your character feel significant and important, to some degree, and at least makes your character seem 'heroic'.

At max level however some of the fights begin to challenge you. Having successfully completed every hardmode flashpoint, except False Emperor, the difficulty or at least some of the animations/sizes/etc of some bosses do give you great satisfaction when you destroy them the first time. One fight in particular, Mentor from Directive 7 gave off a great sense of satisfaction when I killed him the first time. The amount of chaos that goes on throughout the fight made the fight fairly engaging and heroic for me. There are some fights where you take on massive enemies, others where you take on an elite squad of veterans. There is the occasional "bunch of scrubby PC weaklings against a single godlike NPC" fight however.

Long story short, I feel that the solo content isn't particularly amazing and don't feel heroic at all, aside from the story, however some of the flashpoints and operations are pretty fun and heroic, while some others are mediocre at best. There is little in terms of taking on a swarm of enemies, aside from some flashpoints with obscene amounts of trash. Mind you I have only done Empire side content, and nothing beyond level 28 on Republic side. I believe that's only the Taral V and Directive 7 and Esseles and Blacktalon flashpoints that differ for the two factions.