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Not to mention that quite a few online games (BF, CoD etc) have a huge problem with a culture of people going around going "UR A ***", "YOUR GUN IS ****" (wat, it's attracted to other guns?!) and the like...

I see nothing wrong with making it clear that in actual fact there are plenty of people around who have an issue with the above nonsense due to the fact that they are in fact GLBTIQXYZ (bacon/lettuce/tomato/grapes/icecream/quincepaste?). Not that salami um i mean straight people don't have a problem with idiots. Plenty of my straight friends are just as annoyed with that sort of idiotic behaviour.

My experience has certainly been that in high school for example where no-one was openly non-straight, there was a lot of homophobic/queerphobic crap being spouted loudly and obnoxiously. Once people started coming out and identifying as their sexual orientation or gender orientation then things started to improve dramatically, and their straight friends would also stick up for the issue rather than being scared to be labelled as a queer just for trying to stick up for a friend.

It's not just about having an identity or whatever... it's about fighting a toxic culture that afflicts many an online game. (So far SWTOR has been pretty good I must say)

Just sayin'

(FYI - I like mostly ladies, the occasional mans, i'm not polyamorous, and I identify as a ladiez. I have a lot of straight friends as well as non-straight friends. I don't really label myself as anything in particular but I have no problem with those who do)
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