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Ok this is a question sparked by the fact that Lucas didn't pay any attention to what people had created with his lore when he set out to make the most recent films. This is partly because the first one aired before this section was actually added to the lore. In the original movies saber colors meant nothing it was just Lucas' way of telling the idiots in the audience (not everyone just the select few who wouldn't have gotten it otherwise) who the good and the bad guys are.

Bioware took it a step farther, for Knights of the Old Republic (and those of you who haven't played it should) they create a caste system of sorts telling you the roles each type of jedi play in the universe. These roles are suited to the jedi's personality. You choose to be a guardian, one who focuses on saber skills and martial matters, choosing force over finesse. You could also choose to be the Consular, one who uses the force and diplomacy to solve issues. Consular's usually are very in touch with the force and its workings and are likely to go with the flow of where they think the force is leading them. Sentinels are a middle ground. They are apt in the force and martial skills alike. They aren't as good at either as the ones who specialize, but they are more versatile. Consulars become scholars, diplomats, and counsel members. Guardians are military leaders, body guards, and linesmen. Sentinels stay the middle.

As such we cannot evaluate which a jedi from the movies is based on their clothes or their saber color. For instance Yoda is obviously a Consular, it just so happens he has the green saber. Windu is a sentinel, he uses his saber as much as his control of the force. Obi wan is a guardian he rarely uses his control of the force and prefers his saber. Same for Anikin. Luke is a problem to categorize he was taught by a guardian and a consular. He far to often leans towards one or the other practice depending on who is writing him at the time. In the zahn books he is a sentinel, and rather well balanced despite using a blue saber.
Thanks, I think I have a better understanding now, however, you say Yoda being Consular, true, but doesn't he start jumping gall over the place and fighting with his lightsaber at some point, which actually means he can fight just as well as a knight? (Maybe he is dual-specced )