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Author's Notes: This project was started before the forum wipe and I'm very glad to be resuming it. It is also my pleasure to have this work be part of the Forged continuity. It features, with permission, the character Verra So'Quan from Gestahlt's work The Barely Legal Jedi.

Please enjoy! Constructive feedback is appreciated!

The Girl stands within an immeasurable emptiness. Uninhibited by the petty trappings of both time and space, the Girl cannot tell where she ends and it begins; her body inseparable from the achromatic abyss about her. She stands no more distinctly from the space around her than a wave can be said to break free from the ocean it was born in. For the Void is just that: a sea, and the Girl is little more than a single drop. She knows this place well. It is her home. It is her. She smiles, wistfully recalling the fear that once defined her time here. She is far beyond that now.

In the past, she would have raged desperately against an indefatigable riptide before sinking into the cold mire of the Void. Now, the Girl floats within a warm current. She does not struggle. She does nothing. The Void does everything. She knows that "they" will be here soon. Without fail, they always arrive to perform their pantomime. It always occurs at the same pace, unfolding with the synchronized efficiency of a labor droid's programmed routine.

The Girl blinks. They arrive. There is no grand entrance or triumphant fanfare to herald their arrival. The Girl blinks and they arrive. She is surrounded by a wall of shadowy figures, wispy imitations of life. They drift within the Void like oil within water, encircling the Girl in a hastily made corral. From their midst, a single ghostly form steps forward, pausing in front of the Girl. The Ghost holds a weapon in its hand: an ersatz replication of a sword.

Suddenly, the Girl is holding one as well. She feels the barely perceivable change of weight as the shadowy duplication assumes its assigned place in her hand. Instinctively, she places her other hand on the weapon's grip, holding it directly before her and assuming a diplomatic stance. The Ghost gives a small flourish with its weapon, circling it and leaving the blade pointed down. It is the stance of a duelist: weapon in its right hand, left arm tucked behind the back, feet shoulder length apart. The Ghost exhibits all the poise of a trained dancer. The Girl stands her ground. She is not afraid.

The two face each other, waiting. Neither moves. She does not know why but the Girl is determined to stand her ground. She is compelled, destined even, to wait. To respond. She does not wait long. The Ghost lurches forward, taking a miniature hyperspace jump towards her. It takes a sweeping cut at the Girl's stomach. She parries, swinging her weapon inward across her left side in a quick parry. Their blades clash, sending a wail of thunderous sound through the Void.

Eager to riposte, the Girl twist her weapon down towards her opponent's legs. This action is answered with astounding ease, her ethereal adversary doing little more than loosening its grip on its weapon and letting the blade fall down into a smooth block. The Girl shoves the obstruction of out the way and brings her own sword up, rushing inwards and offering a swift stab towards the Ghost's head. A hint of sadness fills her heart as she mentally prepares for the fight's end.

Her opponent answers her attack, blocking upwards. Instantly, the Girl rebukes this, twirling her sword in a semicircular motion around her enemy's weapon. Her body acts without her willing it and yet she immediately understand the motion. It is a sun djem, a move of disarming. The motion brings the Ghost's blade down and she prepares to follow through. To drive the Ghost's blade out of its hands. She does not get the chance. Her opponent brings their free arm up and lays a devastating blow to the Girl's jaw. The world around her spins and she tumbles backwards.

A sudden numbness shoots through her body. Her mind becomes sluggish. Confusion grips her heart in a vice. What was happening? The Girl feels ill, a creeping weakness coursing in her veins. Had the Ghost done this, and without striking her with its weapon? She does not want to believe it even as she accepts that she has lost. The Girl teeters backwards and falls into the Void. In her mind, she struggles to find a meaning. The message that the Ghost and its silent collaborators meant to tell her. She finds nothing.

Descending deeper and deeper into the depths of the Void, she knows only one thing for certain: it is time to wake up.