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01.01.2012 , 04:37 AM | #13
For me its Trooper.
By far the best storyline of the classes I've played, and I think trooper has some of the coolest companions. I dont think they are dull ? Elara Dorne seems like a real uptight person at first, but her personal conversations are quite good, and I love her imp accent. M1-4X is also awesome, his undying thirst to kill imps and comments are really funny. And last but not least Tanno Vik, who's also a great companion.
Im playing as a commando DPS, and using Elara Dorne as healer and Im pretty much unstopable ^^
I've tried using M1-4x and then done the healing myself, but I find the enemies go down faster if Elara just keeps me up and let me do the dmg.
And the BT-7 Thunderclap is one of the coolest ships in the game imo.

Next in the line would prolly be JK for me, mostly because... Well its a "classic" jedi.
And I love T7 and Kira. Though I dont find myself quite as hooked on the storyline as with the trooper, and I also find it a bit hard playing with the companions I like. Im playing as guardian, and even though hes defence specced, he feels quite weak without a healer by my side. At least compared to my trooper. And also the dps is kinda low, so with a healer companion it takes "ages" killing, again compared to the trooper.