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I have been playing on several characters now for a while. I find it is quite easy to get a group to do the flashpoints that i have been to. What I find annoying is the having to run all the way across the map to get there before anyone can enter.

What I would like to see is group port into the instance or some kind of summon to entrance feature.

WOW had this in early days with the summoning stones.

RIFT asks group/raid members if they want to enter anytime a group/raid member enters the instance...

Both features have their good points and bad points... but for this game to have been released without at least one of these features, is a big hole that will keep some people from fully committing to this game.

[NOTE: Also missing an 'assist' feature]

The stones didnt work tho

"go summon, I make quest´s", "no you summon, I go to pee", "no you summon now ffs, I look out of my window at the neighbours daughter" ... You know it wont work ^^

What they should improve at the current tool is, that your LFG status doesnt delete itself if you enter a different zone. Also it would be nice if you could actually search for people who want to do a specific dungeon.

Like when you look for talon, then you should see all players and their role for that FP.

But we all know of wow, that such a feature wont work over night. Most people at wow, didnt use the feature before it went xrealm. It even had auto group for server only, but hardly anyone did use it, as it took too long to get a group.

The only way a LFD tool could work, is xrealm - but this would also be the dead of SWTOR, so I prefer to not have such a tool.