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01.01.2012 , 03:25 AM | #8
Where WoW went wrong with the Dungeon Finder was it became cross-server meaning players were being grouped across servers. Now, players probably aren't asking for a Dungeon Finder feature that works like the WoW implementation, but for those of us who played before and after it tend to have a bitter aftertaste of what ease of dungeon groups meant for server sense of community.

I think people should rephrase what it is they want exactly. I would be for an improved Looking For Group feature as it is already a feature in the game, but it is so stunted that it is almost worthless. If it included the essentials of what you want to run and what role, but without the auto-grouping; I am sure that there would be less resistance to that and wouldn't have the kind of effect that WoW's dungeon finder had to server communities.