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12.31.2011 , 11:12 PM | #5
I'm a homosexual and this is my 2nd MMO coming from WoW.
I actually love this more then WoW.
I've never watched any of the star wars movies so I don't understand most of the stuff going on, luckily my partner is a SWTOR fan and got the collectors edition today so this is the first time we'll be playing together

He didn't like WoW whatsoever mostly because he didn't agree with some of the game mechanics etc etc.

but yea we'll be playing SWTOR together shortly (forgot my server)
but as far as the thread goes I keep to myself and keep my personal life out of my social interaction in WoW/SWTOR unless asked specifically about my orientation and whether or not it's important to know for the guild (in case they don't accept homosexuals)

everyone wins no?
I'd like to meet a talking grilled cheese sandwich