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[BUG] Gree Light Pillar (Blue) not added to decorations list | 02.27.2015, 12:04 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by AdrianDmitruk View Post
I might have stumbled on a workaround. I bought a blue pillar and initially couldn't get it to display to place it. But once I selected Show Unlocked (as opposed to the Show Available I normally use, or Show All), it displayed as 1/1 and I was able to place it.
Good workaround!

That said, we are seeing if we can get this addressed in 3.1.1 so you won't need it.

Meditation Emote | 02.27.2015, 08:52 AM
Hi all,

The current /meditate emote will have an associated animation with Patch 3.1.1!

Will we get an update next week from Eric??? | 02.26.2015, 02:57 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by FourPawnBenoni View Post
Regular updates would be at LEAST monthly...considering the season itself is only a few months long.

I know I've played several matches with a player that just stood there and reported him and other people on our server have been regularly reporting but I still see the same people queuing up.
Yup, I am in agreement with you on regular being at least monthly. When I stated regular updates it is our intent to give you an update approximately every 3-4 weeks throughout the season. With that, our first update should come within the next week or two!

Hope that gives you a little more insight into timing. I should have been a bit more specific than just saying regular!


Musco can we do anything about people intentionally leaving ranked matches? | 02.26.2015, 02:28 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Swatchie View Post
On Jedi Covenant at least, pub side, there is one person who intentionally leaves matches. Everyone knows of who this person is as they constantly talk about having relations with our mothers, sisters, and daughters. Calls everyone "Nykker" Everyone knows that during season 1 he bought his rancor mount.

In season 4 he is leaving matches as soon as he joins and match is about to start. I have reported him in game, numerous guildies have reported him in game, and all of us are watching our ratings drop.

The only thing we can do now is wait for him to enter a match, and THEN queue for a game, or wait until he is offline, and then queue for a game.

So we are all being penalized due to this one person, and we are not able to enjoy the ranked content that we are supposed to enjoy.

I know stuff like this happens pretty much on all servers, so will we be able to get any kind of protection from people like this?

Thank you
Hey Swatchie!

This is a good question. First off, thank you for being careful to not call out the specific player by name in your post. I appreciate you being cautious of our forum rules.

The answer to your question is that if you feel there is a player who is abusing ranked... That is to say, intentionally losing matches or doing anything that really is against the spirit of how ranked is intended to be played. You should send me those details privately. Again, to ensure you aren't creating a call-out, do not post that information as its own forum post.

We have regular and ongoing investigations into Ranked PvP participants to try to keep things like win-trading and "trolling" out of it. Still, if you pass me specific players I can make sure that we, at the least, investigate them for any possible suspicious activity. Any information you can provide (privately) can help us to work towards making the best PvP experience possible for you!


PS - Since this thread did a get pretty "call out like" around the specific player I am going to close the thread. I will pass on the info around this player for investigation though.

Stasie's Galactic Starfighter Guide (Ships, Components, Crew, Tips) | 02.25.2015, 03:37 PM
Sorry folks, somehow the sticky requests you guys threw at us slipped through the cracks! This guide is now stuck .


Gold Scalene Outfit | 02.25.2015, 03:08 PM
I checked back with our CM guys, the Gold Scalene Armor is intended to hit the market next Tuesday, after the event ends.



12 x XP for class-missions | 02.25.2015, 02:44 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Azibux View Post
Didn´t some Dev mention to add the 12x XP boost for class missions from the SOR-pre order bonus to a legacy unlock.
When can we expect that to happen? I just pvp and dont want to pve for a month to get a new char to lvl 60.
Putting 12x as a Legacy perk is definitely one of the options we discussed, among many. I believe that is what we had talked about in the past, (on a stream or at a cantina) that it was one of the possible options. As far as I know, it is not currently planned to implement that as a Legacy perk at this time.


Grand Acquisitions Race | 02.25.2015, 02:35 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Bachannal View Post
Some of us never got to participate at the time and would love to see a return of it in some form or reals.
I hear ya. I myself never played enough of the event to get the "broken down speeder," which I always wanted. It is good to see a renewed interest in the event popping up on the forums. I will definitely pass the feedback on to the dev team.



Grand Acquisitions Race | 02.25.2015, 02:27 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Billupsat View Post
So, I've been playing this game a long time and have seen pretty much every live event return in some shape or form, Rakghoul Resurgence, Relics of the Gree, Bounty Contract... and I imagine that the Nightlife event will be back over the summer at some point, but what I am wondering is why this event hasn't returned. it was my favorite of the live events and seemed like it was going to start some event storyline between the Chevin and the Gree, which I was excited for at the time. I'd understand if no future events combining the two were planned but I would like to know if Bioware has any intention of ever bringing this one back, especially for those like myself who enjoyed it,
Hey Billupsat,

Good question for sure! I know folks have fond memories of the Grand Acquisition Race (sometimes called "The Chevin Event") and have asked about a return. As some have already alluded too in the thread, we didn't build that event with the intention of it being a recurring event and currently do not plan to bring it back. Should that change I will let you know but I don't believe it will, I expect that event will stay retired.


Shadow Tank Force Issues since 3.1! | 02.24.2015, 05:15 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Saregon View Post
And do you guys ever plan on gracing us with this mythical patch? PTS was closed a week ago.
We are planning to release the mythical 3.1.1 on March 10th.

[Bug] 16 - player SoR story mode ops loot is bugged. | 02.24.2015, 03:04 PM
The 16-Player Operations should be dropping Mk-2 like the 3.1 notes mentioned. This is being addressed in 3.1.1.

Coratanni Still Attacking Escape Pod after 3.1 | 02.24.2015, 01:26 PM
Hey folks, we have a fix for this coming in a patch next Tuesday.

Shadow Tank Force Issues since 3.1! | 02.24.2015, 01:15 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by pieceofjunk View Post
hey tait! Any word on when this fix will be in?

Operation Victory Tournament - *Cancelled* | 02.24.2015, 11:25 AM
Hey folks!

Just to address some of the questions I am seeing...

Cortanni Encounter - We are working on some fixes around that encounter and intend to deploy them on Tuesday to ensure the encounter is in a better place before we head into the competition.
Rules Specifications - I have seen quite a few questions around things like skipping trash, boss mechanics, etc. We will be publishing all of that information in the full rules announcement with ESL by next week's start of the competition. We want to make sure the competition is fair, but also understand the nature of speedrunning.


Operation Victory Tournament - *Cancelled* | 02.23.2015, 04:30 PM
Hey folks,

BioWare is partnering with ESL to host our first ever “Operation Victory” tournament. It is a contest to “speedrun” our 8-man story mode Operations from Shadow of Revan. We wanted to give you about a week’s notice so you have time to get your teams together and establish your strategies.

We will announce all of the details within the next week but here are some of the key pieces of information:
  • The competition will be team based and all Operations run will be 8-man story mode
  • The qualifying heat will be one week – starting next Tuesday
  • The entire tournament will run over a few weeks with you submitting your timed runs to ESL
  • The best teams of the qualifying round will advance to the final round – winners based on details we’ll provide
  • There are some serious rewards up for grabs including, but not limited to, cash prizes for the top two teams, in-game items, and even a trip to be our guest at STAR WARS: Celebration!
Look for another post within the next week detailing everything about the contest. I know many of you will be showcasing your practice, and real runs, on Twitch. I will make a separate thread closer to contest where you can post your twitch channels along with dates/times! I am looking forward to seeing all of the great Operations runs.

Thanks everyone.


Psychotropic Reaction Implant | 02.23.2015, 01:39 PM
Thanks, Clarian.

We'll check it out!

Combat Medic Set bonus not Working | 02.23.2015, 10:37 AM
The fix for Bacta Infusion/Emergency Scan cooldowns not being shortened by the 4-piece set bonus on Arkanian, Underworld, Kell Dragon, Dread-Forged, Conqueror, Obroan, and Brutalizer gear is currently scheduled for 3.1.1.

Unfortunately, I don't have any update to the fix to the Arkanian gear set bonus that doesn't increase the duration of Supercharged Cell/Supercharged Gas.


Shadow Tank Force Issues since 3.1! | 02.20.2015, 03:36 PM
I spoke to the Combat Team regarding this and, after checking, they have confirmed that Double-Bladed Saber Tactics returning 2% of your Force is working as designed - it's actually mentioned in the Tooltip that DBST/Lightning Reflexes returns 2%. There was a bug prior to 3.0 that granted a 4% return for these abilities that has since been fixed.

HOWEVER, there is an issue with Rapid Recovery that is causing it to not grant the +100% Force Regen to Double-Bladed Saber Tactics. The team is looking into that now!

We've Haven't Been Able to Interrupt Sorcerers/Sages In 3 Months,Can We Fix That Yet? | 02.20.2015, 03:09 PM
The combat team is working on this bug, and will get it fixed ASAP! Currently, though, I don't have any indication of the update it will be included in.

Blood Hunt and Battle of Rishi HM Achivments bugged | 02.20.2015, 01:38 PM
Since there is already a thread about this issue here, I am closing this thread.

As a reminder, please don't make duplicate threads, as each thread is considered a unique issue, and please don't make threads that contain multiple issues. You can find the Bug Report Forum Guidelines here.
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