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Gearing Changes in Eternal Throne | 10.17.2016, 03:44 PM
Hey folks,

One of the things we talked a bit about on the stream is that there are gearing changes happening with Knights of the Eternal Throne. This thread is meant to give you a few more details on some of the things that will be happening in KOTET, along with being a place that I can address questions or concerns you have with these changes. First, here are the details on how gearing will work at level 70:
  • Once you hit level 70, the source of end-game gear will be Command Crates from Galactic Command.
  • Most activities in the game will earn Command Experience Points (CXP), which will earn you Command Ranks. Each time your Command Rank increases, you earn a Command Crate.
  • The higher your Command Rank, the better gear that will drop from your Command Crates.
  • The highest difficulty Operations and Uprisings, along with Ranked Warzones are intended to be the fastest ways to earn CXP. This means they are the fastest way to get the best gear.
  • Both PvP and PvE gear will come from Command Crates. Their gear is now shared as Expertise is being removed (head to this thread to discuss PvP/PvE itemization specifically).
  • Gear will no longer drop from bosses as all gear will come from Command Crates. All cosmetic/unique drops will still remain on those bosses (Stronghold Decorations, Wings of the Architect, etc.).
  • Players will be able to craft comparable item level gear without set bonuses.
That should cover most of the basic changes coming to itemization in KOTET. I know this is a lot to take in, so please ask any questions you may have in this thread and I will work to answer what I can!


Dark vs. Light Event | 10.17.2016, 12:41 PM
Hey folks,

I wanted to let you all know that the Dark vs Light event will be ending on Tuesday, November 29th. There was a Twitter post from the official account which listed the end date as December 2nd. That was in error and is not correct.

Once again, DvL will be ending on 11/29. Thanks everyone.


Galactic Command Overview Livestream | 10.17.2016, 08:43 AM
Hey folks,

Happy Monday morning to you! Today is going to be the Galactic Command Overview livestream and I wanted to let you know a few things about the stream. Let's take a look at the schedule of what we are going to go over on today's stream:
  • Dark vs Light Event Status and Timing
  • The Knights of the Eternal Throne Announcement Recap
  • Overview of Galactic Command System
  • What is Command Rank?
  • What are Command Crates?
  • Current Subscriber Promotions
  • The Eternal Throne Livestream and Blog plan
  • Wrap-up
One of the things that we are going to touch on during the stream are the general itemization changes that are happening in Eternal Throne. This topic can get very complex and so we aren't going to be going into a ton of detail on the livestream. However, once the stream is over I am going to be making a couple of forum posts which will provide some more insight into our itemization plans and be a place where you can ask questions you may have about them. I will stick around in the thread after the stream and throughout the week answering any questions you guys have.

I will see you later today on the stream


Difficulty Modes - KotET | 10.14.2016, 12:13 PM
Difficulty modes are only going to be for KOTFE and KOTET Chapters (they are also repeatable). The previous story content, such as Class Story is not affected by this update.


Galactic Command Overview Livestream | 10.14.2016, 09:26 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by blackphantome View Post
Too late for watching it here in Germany... Will be able to watch the stream thursday evening.

@Eric: Will there be a summary to read the most important things?

PS: Is it possible - after nearly 5 years - to establish a time where in the US it is not too early and in Europe not too late for the players? Don't know what 8pm in Germany is in the US.
Yup, there will be a recap. Right now we are hoping to publish a Galactic Command overview blog around the time of the stream which will serve as a recap of the stream. I will probably also throw up some discussion threads as well to address any questions!


PS - I hear ya on the timing of the streams. It is really challenging to find a time where we can get viewership in the states, can have folks from the studio available, and not be too late for EU.

Galactic Command Overview Livestream | 10.13.2016, 12:25 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by gabigool View Post
Will this include details on Uprisings or will that be discussed separately?

We will talk generally about Uprisings, but details will be coming a bit later on.


Galactic Command Overview Livestream | 10.13.2016, 12:18 PM
Hey folks,

We are going to be hosting our first KOTET livestream on Monday, October 17th at 2PM Pacific (4PM Central). We will talking through the recent Eternal Throne announcement, going through an overview of the new Galactic Command system, and more. Join Ben, Charles, and myself as we kick off our first Eternal Throne livestream.

When: Monday, October 17th
When: 2PM Pacific (4PM Central)


Please remove the suggestion box sub category | 10.12.2016, 03:52 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Holocron View Post
It's only used by the mods to send good ideas there to die, and ensure no dev, or the rest of player base to ever see them.
It is actually by design that we respond rarely/if ever in the Suggestion Box forum. I can tell you that the team definitely reads that forum often to see what players would like to see. The challenge is that if we respond to specific threads or ideas, it will set an expectation that the idea is "confirmed going into the game" or could make other people feel like their ideas are getting less attention.

It is that sensitivity that keeps us from not posting in there. We do read it though, so keep the suggestions coming!


PS - I should move this to the suggestion box since it is a suggestion, but then I wouldn't respond

Imperial Intelligence suddenly collectively decided to pick up sword fighting? | 10.12.2016, 03:33 PM
Hey folks,

For starters, I do want to confirm that this is definitely a bug. The entire Galaxy hasn't up and armed themselves. It's actually related to the larger weapons bug, and the team is looking into it! I'm hoping for a 4.7.3 fix.


Dev Blogs | 10.11.2016, 09:37 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Warrgames View Post
So when can we expect to start seeing Dev blogs about coming expansion?

Are you planning on do a blog about Play Your Way (choose your own difficulty)? I wondering if you are going for tedious or challenging with it.
We are definitely planning livestreams and blogs to explain elements of KOTET. I believe we will start releasing them in the next week or two. Once I get exact timing I will post it.


NYC Cantina Discussion - Official Response? | 10.11.2016, 09:34 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Jamtas View Post
So I appreciate that Cristina Petrarca did some live tweeting during the Cantina of the information spoken of to go along with the site updates from Friday. (and thanks to Dulfy for linking them all as well)

However, I just wanted to see if Eric, Ben or Charles was going to make a post summing everything up that was discussed as well so we can get some clear idea of everything?

-Are chapters being released all at once for the "binging", in batches?
-Mention of a livestream in January regarding operations. Is that true, or is it not operations but Group content of which we won't describe what kind until then?
-More livestreams to come to go into more detail on Uprisings, alerts, etc?
-End Date for DvL?
-New PvP maps/new types?
-GSF content?

Just wanted to see if there was any official word on these to counter the speculation that is occurring in the absence of clarity.

Thanks in advance!
I got you covered:
  • All 9 Chapters are being released with Eternal Throne's launch.
  • What we said is that after KOTET's launch, the team is refocusing on group content. Our hope is that as a part of the January Producer Letter or Livestream, we will have more specific updates on what is to come. This includes all types of group content, but was a specific answer to the question of Operations.
  • We will have a whole bunch of livestreams and blogs between now and launch to go into details on many facets of the expansion.
  • Dark vs Light is intended to end with KOTET Early Access on November 29th. However, I believe the Dark vs Light part of it to decide which Companion will be awarded, will end a week or so prior to that.
  • PvP / GSF - Refer to answer above about Operations // stream in January.

How do sub players pre order the new expasion? | 10.11.2016, 09:07 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Tiberi View Post
All i get is start sub but im alrdy is a sub player.
No pre-ordering needed if you are already a subscriber. Similar to KOTFE, Eternal Throne is free to all subscribers. So as long as you have an active subscription, you will access the expansion.


Announcing Knights of the Eternal Throne | 10.07.2016, 12:11 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Dunderheid View Post
So how does this apply to 60-day non-recurring subscribers? Some of us are wondering. Do we need to switch to a recurring payment to be premium? If so, then your statement is not quite accurate. Please clarify.
Good question!

The simple way to think of it is that anytime we would have said the word subscriber, we now say premium. That means that while you are inside of your game time card, you are a subscriber. Premium is not directly tied to recurring, it just means you have active sub time on your account.


Announcing Knights of the Eternal Throne | 10.07.2016, 11:12 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkLordSnake View Post
Eric, by far this is the BEST trailer you have done so far! It absolutely blew my mind, I cannot wait for this!
Question however, "Be a Premium player", does that mean Subscriber status? I got a bit confused upon reading Premium, but I did see a mention of it as (Subscriber Status) so if that's the case, as long as we are subscribed we don't have to preorder the expansion? We still get early access for it?
Premium is the same as subscriber. It works just like KOTFE in that there isn't anything to buy, premium members (subscribers) get it for free.


Announcing Knights of the Eternal Throne | 10.07.2016, 10:42 AM
We are happy to announce our next expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne coming December 2nd. You can learn more about the expansion here.

-The Star Wars: The Old Republic team

FULL Knights of the Eternal Throne cinematic is HERE!!! | 10.07.2016, 10:22 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by CrownofGold View Post
WHAT! For real for real or for play play?
For real real, no play play:

Double-Bladed Saber Size Increase | 10.04.2016, 12:45 PM
Hey everyone,

This is not a stealth change to the size of Dualsabers, don't worry. This is a bug with the data that sets the size of the weapon. It's actually happening to all weapon types, but is the most noticeable on Dualsabers. We are going to have our engineers look at the problem, and should have a fix in an upcoming patch.


Credit Sellers and Spammers | 10.04.2016, 10:41 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthWoad View Post
Oh finally Do you know how many credits that were deleted along with their accounts?
Good question, but the answer gets a little complicated. What most of you associate credit selling with are the in-game mail and messages that you receive. The spammers. That is only a part of the networks associated with credit sellers. Your question is actually related to the distributors. Those are the accounts which are holding, hiding, and constantly moving the credits, they are not the same as the spammers.

That being said, we aren't going to go into detail on the trillions of credits that we just took out of the game with this wave of action.


Credit Sellers and Spammers | 10.04.2016, 09:11 AM
Hey folks,

As you may know from previous posts on the topic, when it comes to credit sellers we will often do a large takedown at one time. This allows us to have the largest impact on the credit sellers without them being able to react. Today was one of those instances.

With today's maintenance we acted on a few different initiatives to help curb the in-game chat and mail spam of credit sellers. Some examples of what was done today include:
  • Banning of thousands of credit selling accounts.
  • Closing a loophole in an existing promotion, that allowed credit sellers to quickly and easily make accounts which could send you in-game mail and access the fleet.
  • Made adjustments to some existing automated functions to better catch credit sellers.
  • And more... (we don't want to reveal everything we are doing to the credit sellers )
Keep in mind that when it comes to catching credit sellers, as we make adjustments, so do they. It is a constant game of cat and mouse, but it is one that we will continue to focus on aggressively. For this reason, it is important that you continue to always report these spammers and credit sellers as you see them. I know sometimes it seems like we aren't taking action, but I promise that your reports are critical in our ability to find and take action against credit sellers.


Maintenance: 4 October 2016 | 10.04.2016, 08:31 AM
The servers are now available! Thank you for your patience.
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