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Bioware, have you been changing things while the game is live? | 02.08.2021, 12:39 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
Care to chime in an let us know?
Hi TrixxieTriss,

Regarding the difficulty concerns you bring up, no changes have been made.

For the the UI/graphics concerns, there could be something wrong with your client, so we suggest a repair for now. If you continue to experience further issues, please post a detailed bug report.

I was going to hop into the other thread you made, but since you mentioned it here as well, we thank you for the lag report and it is something we are keeping an eye on.

Ancient Force-Imbued Blade Holster Bug | 02.04.2021, 08:35 AM
Hi folks,

Our team is still working on this bug. Unfortunately, I don't have additional information to provide you.

As this thread is a duplicate of this one: Ancient Force-Imbued blade glitched, I close this one to avoid confusion. I'll update you in the thread previously mentioned when I have more information.

Thank you.

Festive Tauntaun | 02.03.2021, 03:16 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkTergon View Post
I bought one of the life day bundles, that had Festive Tauntaun in it, and as I've already have it unlock account wide, I went to sell it on the GTN, but I can't, it won't allow me. The bound timer is gone, and I've mailed it to an alt char incase that was the issue, but still can't sell it.
Hi DarkTergon,

We are tracking this and investigating. When we have info to share about a fix, we will update the thread.

Maintenance: February 2, 2021 | 02.02.2021, 08:32 AM

All SWTOR servers are once again available!

Thank you for your patience.

Conquest Crafting Changes | 02.01.2021, 09:25 AM
This thread is now locked. Conversation here is not healthy nor is it showing any signs of improving. If the toxicity continues in other threads that discuss Conquests, we will move forward and sanction accounts accordingly.

This is a final reminder to be civil and not spread negativity regardless of your opinion on any topic.

Rass Ordo Companion Level? | 02.01.2021, 07:55 AM
Hi folks,

As previously mentioned, I'm updating you concerning this bug.

We're aiming to fix Rass Ordo's level bug in our next Game Update 6.2.1. I'll keep you posted if there is any change.

SOV Flashpoint, Ras Order Level 1 | 02.01.2021, 07:53 AM
Hi folks,

Nmyownworld is right, this bug is a known issue. Our team is aiming to fix it in our next Game Update 6.2.1. I'll keep you posted if there is any change.

As this thread is a duplicate of the following one: Rass Ordo Companion Level?, I'll close this one to avoid multiple threads concerning the same topic.

Swoop Rally Story Mission "The Good Old Days" on Mek-Sha Not Working | 02.01.2021, 07:30 AM
Hi folks,

Thanks for all the reports concerning the bug with "The Good Old Days" on Mek-Sha.

Our team is currently looking into it. I'll update you when I have more information.

Conquest Crafting Changes | 01.31.2021, 11:42 AM
We have been keeping an eye on the thread and have removed posts that violate our Rules of Conduct and/or forum guidelines. As a reminder, please do not call out other players/guilds as that creates a wave of negativity and toxicity. Please report them accordingly.

Spamming our forums and our channels is not permitted. We can take actions against your account should you spam or brigade our forums or support lines.

If you need to report a player or a guild, please use the appropriate process to do so. and use the steps that can be found under the SWTOR platform. It is also important to include crucial info such as player name, guild name, screenshots or other media that shows Terms of Service and/or Rules of Conduct being broken.

And always, please remain civil here. Do not resort to insults, attacks, or any level of harassment. If you cannot remain civil, regardless of what your opinion on any topic is, we can move to sanction your account.

A good idea for SWTOR | 01.29.2021, 01:33 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by SyriMarius View Post
I'm not afraid to openly ask these questions of you, but silencing those that have done no wrong in asking them begs the question, Who are you protecting and why?
Do not create a narrative that doesn't exist. I am enforcing the rules of these forums. Asking people to adhere to the rules and our teams enforcing them when those rules are not being followed is what we are supposed to do.

Quote: Originally Posted by corsacalin View Post
Are you covering them? Now honestly , as a moderator. Do you keep sides?
The problematic posts have already been removed by the moderation team as they violate the forum guidelines. Our team reviews reports of problematic posts and they take action against them as appropriate. The side we keep is enforcing the rules as we are trying to create a healthy environment here.

Conquest Crafting Changes | 01.29.2021, 01:27 PM
Hi all,

I wanted to discuss some changes we’re bringing to some crafting objectives in Conquests. The full list is below, but I wanted to share some thoughts as to why, and our goals here.

We aim to create engaging, healthy competition and play. One of our goals for how crafting interfaced with Conquests was to allow crafters to contribute in a meaningful way. We took the approach of allowing many of these objectives to be open-ended (aka infinitely repeatable) since they would still be constrained by the resources necessary to craft.

However, we have seen this in practice turn into unhealthy, and often times problematic, play. Many activities around crafting (gathering, missions, the actual crafts) are very repetitive, and could be automated in ways that violate our Terms of Service.

While we think about how crafting and the crafting economy can fit into the greater game in more meaningful ways in the long term, we are making the following changes to promote a more healthy playing environment:
  • New Objective called ‘Crafting: Inventor’ will be added
    • This will be a Weekly and require twice the number of crafts (100)
    • Base Points = 6,400
    • Upon completion opens up to ‘Crafting: Inventor 2’ Daily Objective
  • The former ‘Crafting: Inventor’ Objective will change from an Infinite Repeat to a Daily Repeat
    • Will change names to ‘Crafting: Inventor 2’
    • Base Points = 1,100 (up from 750)
  • ‘Crew Skills: Harvesting’ will change from an Infinite Repeat to a Daily Repeat
    • Base points = 1,100 (up from 750)
  • ‘Crafting: War Supplies’ will change from an Infinite Repeat to a Daily Repeat
    • Base Points = 2,000 (up from 1,100)
  • ‘Crafting: Dark Project Eternal’ will be removed from Conquest as there is already a Daily version
  • ‘Crafting: Aid the War Effort’ will change from an Infinite Repeat to a Daily Repeat
    • Base Points = 3,350 (up from 750)

In addition, we want a bit more equity between professions. Going forward, a ‘craft’ for the purposes of conquest objectives will equal one ‘craft’. Previously a ‘craft’ would count each item in a stack of items crafted, shortcutting our intent for the system.

For example - if a Biochem crafter produces a single craft that consists of a stack of 3 stims:
  • Previous: Conquest objective credits that as 3 crafts
  • New: Conquest objective credits that as 1 craft

All of these updates will arrive in Game Update 6.2.1, currently targeting February. I also wanted to share that we are mindful of making large Conquest changes, after doing so a couple of times last year. We are happy in general with where Conquests stand at the moment, but as a live service will continue to make tweaks as needed (such as these) to promote our goals of engaging, healthy competition and play.

If you would like to read updates on general Guild Conquest changes, please see David’s post here.


A good idea for SWTOR | 01.29.2021, 11:39 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Exly View Post
To JackieKo,

I saw that you closed a thread about conquest guild ranking problems earlier today. By doing so, you made it seem to me that you are more concerned about protecting BioWare and those that use exploits to circumvent the games terms of service.

My question for you is, why are you providing cover for, and siding with those who have been reported for their exploits, and taking actions like deleting and closing threads against those questioning or reporting them?
1) I closed the thread because the discussion could be taken elsewhere which it has. The OP of that thread has posted here, in the thread I suggested to them. The post has not been removed. In the thread I closed, I stated the reasoning why it was closed. Information should be consolidated. Multiple threads made of similar topics or starting a new thread when the topic/discussion can already be found elsewhere is considered spamming.

2) As we have addressed several times already, we encourage players to use the proper channels to report problematic players and Guilds here.

3) Publicly posting about abusive or exploitative behavior goes against our Rules of Conduct which is why we regularly provide the link in point 2 to our players.

Maintenance: February 2, 2021 | 01.29.2021, 10:55 AM
Hey everyone,

We will be taking all servers offline for back-end maintenance on February 2, 2021.

DATE: February 2, 2021
TIME: 5:00AM - 8:00AM PST (1300 - 1600 UTC)

Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!

An error has occurred while trying to process your request. Please, try again later. | 01.29.2021, 08:41 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Amonkiratainted View Post
Just started to get this error message today when I try to purchase cartel coins.

Credit card info is up to date.

I also get "error code 10" and "error code 9" when trying to buy through ingame.

Again, credit card is up to date and bank is not "holding anything".
Hi Amonkiratainted,

Did you try to change your browser and reset your EA password? Those troubleshooting steps helped a few players with a similar issue. Here is our article on how to reset your EA password: SW:TOR - Credentials are incorrect error.

If nothing works, contact our support team by phone. One of our agents would be able to help you verify your account: How to contact Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ (SW:TOR) support.

(Bug) Koth's Crew on the Gravestone a Chapter early. | 01.29.2021, 08:36 AM
Hi RavenFal,

This topic is already being discussed in this thread: Gravestone is filled with npcs before visiting Asylum.

To avoid multiple threads concerning the same topic, I'll close this one.

Character creation animations are incorrect. | 01.29.2021, 08:09 AM
Hi Raansu,

Thanks for the report concerning the Characters' emotes in the Character Creation window.

Our team is aware of this bug and currently working on it. I'll update this thread when I have more information concerning this bug.

(BUG) Onderon Explorer | 01.29.2021, 07:32 AM
Hi Malibbu,

As this thread is a duplicate of the one you're quoting, I will close this one as a duplicate to avoid confusion.

We'll update you in the following thread when we have more information concerning this bug: Onderon exploration achievement not working.

Chapter 5 KoTFE: NPC's who should not be there (yet) already on ship+cutscenes | 01.29.2021, 07:26 AM
Hi pyrietboletje,

Thanks for reporting this bug with Koth's crew.

This bug was already reported in the following thread: Gravestone is filled with npcs before visiting Asylum. As mentioned in this thread, our team is still working on this bug.

As this discussion is a duplicate of the one mentioned above, I'll close this one to avoid multiple threads concerning the same bug.

Guild Conquest Rankings | 01.28.2021, 12:35 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by codydmaan View Post
I've been on the Starforge server for about 6 months now. I was in previous servers before but came back to the game about 6-7 month now. I was a previous beta tester GO BETA

Now what I've noticed and this had been confirmed by the community also. The whole time I've been back I've noticed a game mechanic problem.

I see the guild conquest is broken as is confirmed through the community and my 7 months being back there remains 1 guild that has never lost rank 1 on large yield planets for over 3 years. Never losing for 3 years doesn't seem to me like this system is constructed in a way that allows even compettition.
(While I do say large yield rank 1 in starforge server I do no call out any guild specifically by name and henceforth is not against forum rules thank you )

Here's a question for the community.

If a guild has placed first for 3+ years do you think thats fair?

Do you think having a guild rank 1 for over 3 years allows for friendly competition?

I think somehow the developers need to address this system so that competition between guilds is more well balanced than obviously 1 sided dont you think?

This topic is already being discussed. Please do not make multiple threads on the same topic. It's more helpful to the community as a whole if information and discussion is consolidated.

Upcoming Guild Conquest Updates | 01.27.2021, 02:59 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by JackieKo View Post
Hi everyone,

As a reminder to everyone on the forums, please refrain from attacking each other and/or falling into call out behavior. Those types of posts are not permitted and does not foster a healthy environment for anyone.

Thank you!
A second reminder.

Additionally, please keep comments on topic and do not resort to insulting other people. Conversations in this space should always be civil and respectful.
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