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Consolidated Post: APAC/Oceanic Server Concerns | 05.22.2013, 08:22 AM
Hey folks,

I know we have been a bit quiet about our plans for your consolidations and although I don’t have any concrete details yet today, I wanted to pass on what I know. Our current plan is that next week we will start to give you details surrounding your free transfers off of the APAC servers. Specifically, we want to try to give you an exact date of when those transfers will start. We are still working through some issues with transfers so this could still change but that is our plan as it stands right now.

To be specific as I can be without setting anything in stone, our goal is to have you folks able to start transferring before 2.2 goes live. Again I need to reiterate, this is still subject to change as we lock things down.


Icon Button broken to go to this subforum? | 05.21.2013, 03:35 PM
Good catch! We'll get this fixed, but it won't be until tomorrow. Thanks for pointing it out as not working properly.

[Video] Speed Hacker at the Bastion | 05.21.2013, 02:34 PM
I am going to let this thread live, especially with Phillip's post in it as it does a great job of explaining how we handle exploiters and what you should do on your end to report them. However, as Phillip alluded to in his post I want to point out to please refrain from posting on our forums screenshots and videos of people that you feel have exploited. This very clearly falls under "calling out" other players and is not something we will allow.

Like I said, I am going to leave this thread in place but I have gone ahead and edited out the "call outs" from the OP and anyone who has quoted it just to make sure the thread is up to snuff Thanks folks.


[Video] Speed Hacker at the Bastion | 05.21.2013, 02:21 PM

Speedhacking is a real thing. So are suspensions and bans...

We treat each report of speedhacking seriously and by using game data cull speed hackers from the game as they are detected. We have some awesome game engineers who have provided our Terms of Service team with a great set of tools to help in this area. These tools of course are not fool-proof, and while we do have to constantly develop our tools to keep up with 'bad' player ingenuity, we do catch up with people eventually if they do manage to avoid being detected in the first instance.

Speedhacking and other exploits are bad. We will action any type of account including subscribers, so for those inclined to speedhack, please take that into account before giving into temptation.

We also get a number of player reports when speedhackers come into game. A lot of these sadly are misunderstandings of other class abilities, but occasionally we do get a great report and we do take appropriate action. We don't have a 'name and shame' policy and as such will only ever say appropriate action will be taken if warranted.

In case it isn't well known, its best not to post speedhackers character names and/or YouTube links in the forums - we also have a strict set of rules here as well as to what cannot be posted.

The right thing to do if you see somebody speedhacking is to submit an in-game ticket by clicking the '?' and reporting harassment and in the text area typing in a short description of what occurred and when (including time-zone!). If you do fraps something and publish it, please only put that link in the ticket, and never in the forums. I don't want good people actioned for accidently breaking a completely different section of the ToS when they have good intent

I appreciate everybody (including myself) would love to see a speedhacker actioned within minutes of being reported. It will take us hours or even occasionally days to get each confirmed reported account actioned appropriately (we do err on the side of caution as you should expect us to), so please bear with us while we work through our process.

Change your patch notes Bioware - Scamper is still broken | 05.21.2013, 11:41 AM
Thanks for the reports. We're actively investigating this now. Please continue to provide details if you have them!

Speeder Sound Bug Continues | 05.21.2013, 10:44 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by tanerb View Post
Sorry but it is sad that took a month for you to see it. If you would spend 5 minutes in the game using one, you could have seen it.
Hi tanerb,

Please keep in mind that we are not able to reply about every single issue that we are working on, but this was escalated just after it was originally posted. Because we added it to the Known Issues, I also wanted to post about it.

Please know that we're always watching for reports, and we've even opened a new forum for them. If you're interested in more details about bug reporting, please read this post in the Bug Report Forum.

Thank you!

Pyrotech/Assault, Sweltering Heat not working as intended | 05.21.2013, 10:23 AM
First, I want to give massive complements on your reporting format. The information as provided is exceptional and easy to work with.

I've replied about this in your original thread that already has the dev response. To ensure that we keep issue tracking in one place, I'm going to close this thread. Thanks again!

Pyrotech, Sweltering Heat still not working as described | 05.21.2013, 10:21 AM
Hi Evuo,

This wasn't forgotten! The fix has been made as stated above, and the intended patch for it to deploy is Game Update 2.2.

Foundry nm/hm shut game. | 05.21.2013, 10:02 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Alduinsm View Post
Don't know if you already knew about this,Amber. The same thing happens in The Esseles Flashpoint HM and SM at the end conversation, right before the jump to hyperspace scene.
The crashes there have been highly elusive during internal testing, but we absolutely do know about and are working on it.

Question of the Day 5/21/2013 | 05.21.2013, 09:25 AM
As a Sith Warrior which Advanced Class is your favorite, Marauder or Juggernaut?

Personal Answer: Marauder! Two Lightsabers are better than one.

Gree Event, so where is the Gold Scalene Armor in Cartel Market? | 05.21.2013, 09:23 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by ZionHalcyon View Post

If not, do you think you could pass that along to the team for the next time it hits the Market to make it dye-able? Perhaps in time for when the event is converted to level 55?

Proof that persistence pays off folks.
The Golden Scalene Armor not being dyeable was in fact a bug and it is fixed as a part of 2.1.1! Hope that helps, thanks everyone.


PS - Excellent choice of smiley, sir.

Gree Event, so where is the Gold Scalene Armor in Cartel Market? | 05.21.2013, 09:14 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by ZionHalcyon View Post
Thank you Eric!

That settles that then (I win).

But is it able to be dyed?
Hey Zion,

I am looking into that right now, I will pop back in with an answer once I have one!


Gree Event, so where is the Gold Scalene Armor in Cartel Market? | 05.21.2013, 08:58 AM
Hey folks!

The Golden Scalene Armor will be returning with 2.1.1 on May 29th, for a limited time...


Change your patch notes Bioware - Scamper is still broken | 05.21.2013, 08:38 AM
Hi SithEBM: Does this happen every time you use the ability or did you only have it happen once? We'll absolutely want to investigate if there are instances where this is not fixed.

For others: Please post if you've seen problems with this or any other dive-based abilities after Game Update 2.1. The patch note reads:
  • Players who are killed or rooted while using dive–based abilities (such as Scamper or Covered Escape) will no longer become indefinitely stuck in place.

So.. Account Wide Datacrons | 05.21.2013, 08:36 AM
We would really like to allow players to unlock datacrons at the Legacy level, and it's pretty high on my personal wishlist. We're still investigating the technical feasibility, so I can't make any promises.

Foundry nm/hm shut game. | 05.21.2013, 08:35 AM
We have a Known Issue that this can happen on Hard Mode when talking to Helm Officer Martos. In looking through the bug on our end, we had already updated it to confirm that it can happen in Story Mode as well; I've updated the Known Issues accordingly:

  • The Foundry: Players who use Spacebar to progress while speaking to Helm Officer Martos can experience a client crash at the end of the conversation. This occurs in both Story and Hard Modes.

Thanks for posting!

removing quickbar buttons despite lock | 05.21.2013, 08:24 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Midgen View Post
I haven't figured out the specifics, but I have hotbars going unlocked despite the lock icon's status. It seems fairly random to me.

I saw in previous known issues where they said if they were unlocked when you logged off, they would be unlocked when you log back in, but the lock icon will show locked.

That isn't the entirety of what I'm expiencing. I'm in the habit of forcing myself to toggle the icon open/closed when I log in, or before I head into a flashpoint or something, but will still occasionally have the buttons unlock (icon stats showing locked) and find myself picking up a button at the worst possible time.

I'm not sure if it's an instance change, a loading screen transition, or something else entirely, but it's beyond just 'logged off with them unlocked'.

It happens multiple times over a long play session, and it's quite annoying...
This bug can be quite frustrating if you pull something from a quickbar by mistake (and even if you don't). If you're like me, when I'm playing a lesser-played alt, it's sometimes the case that I don't know which ability I'm now missing!

I'm interested in what you're saying about it re-occurring throughout game sessions, as we've not seen consistent reports about it. For those who have seen this after they know they've already relocked the quickbars, please post and give details where possible.

What you'll find about the Known Issues in general is that I post what we know for sure; if an issue has an elusive component, either that part will stay off the list or the issue as a whole will. In this case, we know it's when you log off, but if we can lock down (no pun intended) the bug further, I will update it.

As for when it's going to be fixed, I know that it's not in Game Update 2.1.1; as I know more, I'll try to update you.

Addition to Known Issues - Relaxed Whatever | 05.21.2013, 08:05 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by animeluvrboi View Post
Hi Amber, Doctor Synoda as well as a few Togrutan NPC females heads are also purple headed or missing textures
Yep! We have a bug in for her too.

Quote: Originally Posted by Tatile View Post
Here's a link to the one other Play Character I've seen with this issue:
Thanks for posting to clarify where you'd seen this! In general when posting about an issue, it's going to be important that screenshots are current - what's interesting about this thread is that the only reports since Game Update 2.0 (April 9th) are consistent with it only being a problem for Companion Characters right now. A single player report from over two months ago without any other form of verification from other players after 2.0 leads me to believe that player characters are no longer experiencing this. That being said, if anyone is currently seeing this on your personal character, please post! We'll be sure to look into it right away.

Addition to Known Issues - Relaxed Whatever | 05.20.2013, 04:38 PM
Hi there,

We're aware of and tracking down a few other things that can make skin look strange. For instance, we know that Ashara's Customization 1 can cause her skin to look very strangely purple, and we are aware of NPCs that have the same issue (such as Kalda Bliss, another female Togruta).

However, if you're saying that the Known Issue exists on Player Characters, can you please be specific? What species and class have you experienced this with? Is it only with the specific gear called out in the Known Issue?

Thanks for clarifying with details (and screenshots if possible)!

Workaround for Special Items Collection Bug | 05.20.2013, 04:07 PM
Hi Milandur,

Thanks for posting this! We know that making a new character and using the items fresh from the mail works as well. For the record, this is fixed in Game Update 2.1.1 on Tuesday. Based on current testing, I don't expect that to change at all. If it does, I'll post here.

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