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Electronet and Force Barrier... | 07.30.2013, 10:46 AM

I'm sorry that the poor descriptions in the tooltips have confused you. This works precisely as designed. The Hindered effect is not considered a controlling effect. Controlling effects are considered to be effects that cause you to lose control of your character's ability to move - things like Stun, Blind, Immobilize, and Slow. When Electro Net is used on you, notice that Slowed and Hindered are separate effects. You can use Force Barrier while Slowed, but not while Hindered. The Hindered effect allows you to maintain control of your character while active, but it specifically prevents you from using certain escapes such as the ones already listed in Electro Net's tooltip and Force Barrier.

Force Barrier is considered both a defensive cooldown and an escape, since it allows you to completely escape taking damage while it is channeled. If you are Hindered, and find yourself in a situation where you would like to use Force Barrier, then you may use Unbreakable Will/Force of Will to remove the Hindered effect. Then you can activate Force Barrier. Again, I apologize for the poor tooltip descriptions in this regard, as Unbreakable Will/Force of Will tooltips do not state that they remove Hindered (but they do).

Weekly 4 vs 4 Arenas in OutLaws Den | 07.30.2013, 10:34 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by MrFrezzer View Post
Rules are stated below and are an EXACT MIMIC of how Bioware is CURRENTLY TESTING Arenas in Austin:

1. Your team can ONLY have ONE Type of each ADVANCE CLASS
(Example you cannot have two Marauders and two Opertives. Each team member has to be a different advance class)
2. Warzone Medpacs/Adrenals/Grenades are the only consumables ALLOWED
3. Wall banging/Rolling Banging is NOT ALLOWED
4. Battle Rez is NOT Allowed
6. Wants to have FUN!
Because I want to be very careful about any possible spread of misinformation, this is not how we are testing Warzone Arenas nor are they the rules present in them. I want to highlight your first rule as it has created some friction in the thread, that is something that is definitely not a rule in Warzone Arenas.

I love the idea of you hosting your own tournament but in the future please do not make claims about our testing methods. Since there is mention of gaining information from testers I would remind everyone that in the event we have private testing groups they are under a very strict NDA. If someone claims to have been a part of the test and provides you information one of two things are occurring 1) you are being deceived or 2) they are breaching their NDA. Neither of those are good options.


New seeker droid setup! | 07.30.2013, 10:12 AM
Hello everyone,

Thanks for your feedback about the recent changes to the Seeker Droid! The changes that were made were done to remove the ability to endlessly acquire items, as this was not intended. Also, we wanted to be sure and allow for players to obtain the speeder parts and treasures when digging, but we are taking what you’re saying into account.

Quote: Originally Posted by Grayseven View Post
Yeah, at no point should the "something interesting" be a gray level 10 item. It's a time consuming process that should never return garbage for a successful search. I can understand not filling up peoples inventory with greens and blues, but for crying out loud there needs to be something for the time spent.

The system is designed to only display “Your Seeker Droid Found Something Interesting” (versus just having them find “Something”) when you find special treasure or an armor piece. There been a few comments here that indicate that when getting something interesting, that you’re obtaining other items. We’re looking for more details with regards to exactly what was obtained when the “Interesting” message pops up for you. We’ve done some investigation on our side, and this currently appears to be working correctly.

Quote: Originally Posted by Phrase View Post
I kind of see both sides of this. Getting rid of the mods and gear should help crafters and keep inventories somewhat manageable during a dig (as well as help fight credit inflation), but there is no way a lvl 10 gray should deplete a dig site--purples only.
We agree! If you’ve had a gray item deplete a site, this is not intended and is a bug. Please be sure you file and in-game /bug to report this if it happens, and we welcome follow up posts with details for us to investigate.

We’ve been keeping an eye on this thread and will continue to do so. If we discover any bugs with the system, we’ll post them on the Known Issues and update you here.

Cartel Market offerings changing daily now??? | 07.30.2013, 09:42 AM
Depending on how often things change, we may not put out messaging every single time. However, we are going to work on getting some messaging out on our official Twitter account when the sales change. Due to character limits we still probably wont mention exact details on what is on sale each time but we can let you know to log in and check quick to see! Still, don't entirely rely on that since we may not message it every time. The best option will always be to just open the store quick and check if your logged on


8/2 Sentinel/Marauder Questions | 07.30.2013, 08:31 AM
Hey folks,

Great work so far KBN! I am going to go ahead and sticky this thread so people can find it easier and so it is also on the devtracker.

Looking forward to seeing your top 3.


8/2 - PVE Sniper community questions | 07.30.2013, 08:30 AM
Hey folks!

I have gone ahead and stickied both this thread and your thread for PvP Sniper questions to help make sure no one misses them. This will be on the dev tracker now as well, obviously.

Good work so far, looking forward to the top 3. I am really loving some of the questions!


Class Representatives Are Here! | 07.30.2013, 08:26 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by TheOpethian View Post
Answering questions and working to fix class issues are two things different things, will you be working with the representatives to fix class issues and imbalances ?
The goal of the program is to allow a chance for each Representative to start a dialog about what is considered their classes top 3 issues with developers. I know sometimes Classes can feel ignored and this will allow a very direct dialog.

Will this guarantee changes are made to classes? Absolutely not, and I do not want to have that expectation in place. I can guarantee you though that our Combat team is very excited about this program to help get feedback directly from the players about each class. They will certainly use these top 3s to help inform future Class balance decisions.


CZ-198 and the State of Czerka Corporation | 07.29.2013, 03:07 PM
Special Executive Rasmus Blys' gives an official statement regarding CZ-198 and the Galactic Republic.

Read More

Class Representatives Are Here! | 07.29.2013, 02:55 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by ScytheEleven View Post
Eric -

A concern I have is with the Vanguard rep, mfourcustom. Since the announcement of him being the VG representative, he has not appeared on the boards. Last I looked, his last post was July 11th. I know the VG's are before the Powertech's in questions, and I would hate to see a wasted opportunity. If no word comes from mfourcustom in the next few days, would you guys be willing to switch the question dates for VGs and Powertechs (i.e. have the PTs take the earlier date so that the VG community can group up)?
Yep! I will monitor things like that closely. If it seems anyone has "dropped off" as the Rep we will get someone else in place ASAP.


Class Representatives Are Here! | 07.29.2013, 02:32 PM
Hey everyone!

First off, I want to thank everyone for taking part in voting for your Class Representative. Also, thank you to all of the candidates who offered up their services to their community! Without further delay, here are your first ever Class Representatives.

Scoundrel - Marshmallow
Operative - Morde_

Gunslinger - GalnarDegana (Geldarion)
Sniper - Paowee

Guardian - Andrew_Past
Juggernaut - lMarlfoxl

Sentinel - KeyboardNinja
Marauder - Gudarzz

Vanguard - mfourcustom
Powertech - FeralPug

Commando - Cashogy_Reborn
Mercenary - odawgg

Shadow - Kitru
Assassin - Xinika

Sage - Nibbon
Sorcerer - Psirebral

Congrats again to you the new Class Representatives! If you are one of the folks listed above keep an eye on your private messages, I will be in touch before the end of the day with what the next steps are! Thank you everyone for participating, look for more soon.


Cartel Market offerings changing daily now??? | 07.29.2013, 01:07 PM
This is a great question! You may have noticed that aside from the Gree themed items returning to the store, that the items which are on sale sometimes changes as well. I recommend folks check the store every day to see what things are on sale. If we add any brand new items into the Market we will be sure to alert you, but the sales will be changing "on-the-fly."


This is the week for info. | 07.29.2013, 01:01 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by ninjonxb View Post
Hopefully it was not pushed.
Alex's blog never had a publish date just a target, so it couldn't really be pushed

The blog will not happen this week for sure. Based on our current process of review and whatnot, we are targeting for it to hit the week of August 12th. Now it has a publish week so you can yell at me if that changes.


What are you currently reading? | 07.29.2013, 12:33 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Lordmird View Post
Your thread.
Not gonna lie, this made me laugh harder than it probably should.

As for the actual question, I started reading "The Name of the Wind" on my way to San Diego. I am probably about 2/3 through it and I am loving it. Really, really good fantasy series so far!


Gold Scalene armor not being added to collections. | 07.26.2013, 03:48 PM

We're sorry to see that the Gold Scalene Armor is not adding to Collections this time around, and the issue is being investigated.

Thanks everyone!

Nameplates and arrow lost after instance switch to join team | 07.26.2013, 03:36 PM
Hi folks,

There are actually two threads about this topic; I've posted a response in the other thread and have been watching this one. (They didn't seem like they'd merge well. )

Unfortunately, reproducing this issue internally has thus far been unsuccessful, so the ongoing investigation has been slow while we use your reports to narrow it down. We're aware of it, though!

Quote: Originally Posted by Plo_Coon View Post
After I switch instances, because I joined a team in another instance, my nameplates and target arrow are gone. Some people do not experience the error if they reject the auto request and change manually. I however get the error either way. It is very hard to team without a targeting arrow.

With your issue, Plo_Coon, does this happen to you ONLY when area transitioning to be with a group, or do you also see this when transitioning into content phases such as Warzones or Flashpoints? Yours is one of the only instances I've seen on the forums that's been reported very specifically and as happening 100% of the time, so I'm curious.

Also, for everyone, can you please let us know if a CTRL+U reset of the UI fixes this? We've had this happen to some of us when we're playing, and that's helped in most cases.

Finally, please keep in mind the following from our Bug Report Forum Guidelines

Quote: Originally Posted by AmberGreen View Post

Often we will post in threads in this forum to gather additional information about something that is reported or to update the status of a particular issue. However, please note that while we will be reading every thread and report in this forum, we will not respond to every thread, and a developer response in a thread is not an indication of the significance, priority, severity of a bug, or a guarantee that the bug will be fixed.
A lack of direct response is not an indication that your issue isn't being worked on, nor is it an indication that we don't see or care about it.

Sometimes, it's just exceptionally difficult to nail something like this down, and even fixing some instances will not resolve it fully, and that can be frustrating for us too!

As an example, some of you may remember a bug that was quite persistent about this time last year where you could be "stuck dead" seemingly randomly. It would happen most frequently in Warzone spawn areas, but we saw anecdotal reports of it happening all over the Galaxy. We researched the topic internally and absolutely could not get it to happen to us, no matter what we tried. At the time we didn't have a bug report forum, but I would still see threads that were similar to this one. In this instance, someone was finally able to discover the main cause of the problem without being able to make it happen (which is difficult!), and we were able to get a huge bulk of the instances corrected with Game Update 1.2.4. We knew it wouldn't fix all instances, and we found another cause that we were able to correct in Game Update 1.3 a bit later. That's not to say that we haven't seen a report of it here and there since then. Nonetheless, it's now exceptionally rare, and if we are able to smoosh it out once and for all, we absolutely will.

TL;DR - We care, even if we don't post about an issue and/or it isn't fixed quickly.

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Cantina Tour Arrives in Seattle | 07.26.2013, 09:41 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Vemtaz View Post
I'm definitely looking forward to this.

I do have one question though

The event is in Seattle, which is on PDT right now, but you list the time as 8-11PM CDT. I believe this converts to 6pm to 9pm on the 31st?

Could you please confirm that this is correct?
Sorry about that, I will get it adjusted. It should be in local time, so 8-11 PDT.


Consolidated Post: APAC/Oceanic Server Concerns | 07.26.2013, 08:57 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyMcGee View Post
CA servers might mean California? Or a typo for North American?
CA indicates California servers, correct. Mainly that they are North America - West Coast servers.


Consolidated Post: APAC/Oceanic Server Concerns | 07.26.2013, 08:55 AM
Hey folks,

Just to clear up any confusion from the email yesterday, the consolidations are going to happen on August 13th as listed, which is quite a bit more than one week away. That actually gives you approximately three weeks before the consolidations happen.

Just to reiterate, the consolidation will happen in approximately three weeks on August 13th. Sorry for the confusion, thanks everyone!


Was there a patch today? Please tell me no.... | 07.25.2013, 03:38 PM

Hi all

Please take a few moments and look over some of these pro-tips when posting on the forum:
  • No insults, name calling, or personal attacks
  • Please stay on topic.
  • Please express your opinion and thoughts in a constructive, respectful manner.
  • If someone violates the Rules of Conduct, please flag it instead of replying to it.
  • Keep in mind that everyone has different viewpoints. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they're trolling. If you believe someone is trolling, please use the Flag function to report their post.
  • Please remember that discussion of specific moderator actions is not allowed on the forums.


Far too many ignored issues in the game. | 07.25.2013, 03:06 PM
Hello there,

We are constantly working to identify and fix the issues that exist in the game!

We will be closing this thread as a compilation. Please be sure that you read the following before creating threads in the Bug Report Forum:

Bug Report Forum Guidelines <READ BEFORE POSTING>

Quote: Originally Posted by AmberGreen View Post
6. Please avoid posting "compilation" threads consisting of more than one bug. In general, unless things are closely tied together (such that you have a hunch they're caused by the same thing), threads and reports of this nature are far more difficult to track and parse and will generally not be good for replies and/or status updates.
We genuinely appreciate your posts to provide additional details and confirmation in relevant threads about issues you're having.

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