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Since KOTOR: Manaan | 07.18.2014, 01:11 PM
Shuuru // Personal Datalog

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Galactic Living EP3 Livestream Q&A Notes | 07.17.2014, 04:23 PM
Hey folks,

This thread seems like a good place to clarify the 4 Stronghold limit. At the launch of Strongholds, in 2.9, you will have a maximum of 4 Strongholds. This number does not count the Guild Flagship and Guild Stronghold that a Guild leader can attain as well. This means that you can have all of it without hitting any limits. (I should note that each Guild can only have 1 Stronghold and 1 Flagship)

The reason that we have this in place, is performance. Simply put, we do not know how it will affect game performance to have more than 4 Strongholds until we get in and test it. None of which matters currently unless we add another Stronghold. It is always possible that if we release another Stronghold that we will test it, and it will have no performance hit and that the 4 limit will be raised so players can continue to have all of the Strongholds. We can cross that bridge however, when and if we get there.

TLDR - At launch you can have every Stronghold without issue and should there be a need to raise the 4 Stronghold limit, we will definitely test to see if we can!

Hope that clears things up!


Twitch Stream Thursday 7/17/2014 | 07.17.2014, 01:42 PM
Happy Thursday!

Watch Musco and I decorate poorly on our Galactic Strongholds Twitch Stream today at 1:30pm PDT/8:30pm GMT.

Customize a Dromund Kaas Apartment with Fansite OotiniCast on Twitch! | 07.17.2014, 10:47 AM
Join us this Friday, July 18th, for our next Galactic Living Twitch Stream as we show off a Dromund Kaas Skyrise Apartment with the OotiniCast Fansite!

Read More

Legacy Storage? | 07.16.2014, 03:47 PM
Alright folks, round 2! From what I can tell there were two big questions still on the table and here they are:

Can I place BoP items in my Legacy storage?
As of Game Update 2.9, you cannot place or "transfer" BoP items through your Legacy storage. I will say that this issue is something that we will continue to discuss internally and could potentially change in the future.

Can I access my crafting materials from Legacy storage?
Yes you can! The way it will work is that when you go to craft something, your materials will be pulled in this priority order: Inventory, Cargo, Legacy storage.

Thanks everyone!


Stronghold Decoration Suggestions | 07.16.2014, 09:41 AM
Hello Everybody,

With Strongholds being released soon, the Cartel Market team is looking for suggestions of decorations that players would like to see in their Stronghold.

Suggestions can be general types of decoration like posters, chairs, lamps, giant missiles, etc.

Suggestions can be specific in game objects. An example would be, "I would really like the blood pool from the Blood Legacy quest on Korriban." (The more detail you can provide, the easier it will be for the team to track down the item)

Suggestions can also be objects not currently in SWTOR. An example would be, "I would like to put a Star Forge on my Stronghold's front lawn."

We are looking for any and all suggestions so please don't hold back.

Thanks in advance!

Legacy Storage? | 07.15.2014, 02:41 PM
Hey folks,

I know there are a few questions surrounding Legacy storage and although I can't answer everything here are some of the bigger answers:

How do I get Legacy storage?
You will get Legacy storage for free with the completion of the "Introduction to Strongholds Mission" upon acquiring your first Stronghold. Legacy storage will also be craftable and is possible to appear on the Cartel Market. (In both cases this means it would be available on the GTN for credits as well)

If I add another Legacy storage to my Stronghold, does this add more storage space?
It does not. Adding more Legacy storage "units" will simply add another access point, similar to how the cargo hold works right now. You can increase the size by adding more bays (more in the next answer).

How big will it be?
Legacy storage comes, by default, with one bay unlocked. That bay will have 80 slots in it. You will be able to purchase additional bays with credits or Cartel Coins.

Can I transfer Bind on Pickup (BoP) items through my Legacy Storage?
This is still being worked on/decided in development. We should have an answer on this soon™.

I hope that answers most of the bigger questions you have.


Legacy Storage? | 07.15.2014, 11:40 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by idnewton View Post
I think something on many players' minds is the details of Legacy Storage. While you're being so kind and answering questions, could you give details about the functionality of Legacy Storage?
I think we are closer to a place that we can start throwing out more details. Let me see what I can do, I will try to get some answers back today.


Will the players be able to park their ships on the strongholds? | 07.15.2014, 10:45 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Kantaso View Post
Oh, I think... I am going to faint.... a dev post on one of my topics.......
Don't faint Kantaso, we're all friends here

Quote: Originally Posted by DarthDymond View Post
You can insta-travel to your Stronghold from anywhere, it's an option just like queueing for a Flashpoint or Warzone (without a queue wait obviously).

One of the travel options when you leave your SH will be to travel back to wherever you left from (again like when you exit a FP/WZ).
This ^. Dymond has this thread on lockdown, like a bawss.


Will the players be able to park their ships on the strongholds? | 07.15.2014, 09:21 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthDymond View Post
Per the livestreams they did: A "decoration" version of your ship will be one of the things you can earn and place on the largest "hooks" (of which I think each Stronghold only has one - usually a landing pad or something like that).

It is not functional, so you can't run up the ramp and enter your ship that way, but I think one of the options for your Stronghold's main entrance is to travel directly to your ship.
I want to highlight this post as everything DarthDymond said is correct. One quick clarification is that the option to travel directly to your ship is a subscriber only perk. Thanks!


Calling all guilds! | 07.14.2014, 04:37 PM
Hey everyone,

It's about tiiiime I start collecting the contacts from guilds in SW:TOR. I guess this is a bit trickier, as I will need a tad bit more information from you all, so I set it up in a list-type format:

Guild Name:
Guild Leader(s):
Primary Contact (email):
Website (if any):
Guild Size:
Focus (PvP, raiding, social, etc):
Any Additional Info:

Keep in mind that "not meeting requirements" is not a concern here.
The additional information is for my own record keeping, really. It gives me insight on each and every guild

Please send me a PM with the info above.

Hillary Nicole

UPDATE: Please only send the info once. With an influx of PMs, it may take me awhile to get to yours.

UPDATE: Just to update y'all, I've gone through quite a few PMs and the response has been amazing! You all are awesome. I have a ton of information saved already. With the amount of feedback that I've gathered, I've decided not to send out a mass email. Instead, I am saving the information and, should the time come that I need to contact guilds, I will be using it to get in touch with you. But please know that you can always shoot me a PM on here if you need anything!

Hood Toggle has been "in the works" since February, 2012 | 07.14.2014, 01:14 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Pingonaut View Post
It has been more than two years since the game launched, and that's two years of players asking for a way to toggle the hoods on their outfits. In this Community Q&A from February 2012 we were told that the hood toggle likely be in the next major patch after Game Update 1.2. Delays are acceptable, this is not.

He even goes so far as to say that the functionality will be available for our companions, as well. This means that the feature was being tested and worked on enough to where they could release such information. If there were problems or bugs with the hood toggle option that kept it from being released, why not tell us? Why just leave us in the dark, waiting for a word about it for two years?

Why did they suddenly stop talking about it? Did they forget? Were they hoping we would forget? Just give us some explanation. Be it good or bad news it cannot be worse than knowing nothing at all.
Hey Pingonaut,

I know that hood toggle is something we have talked about intermittently at some cantina tour events but I know we haven't made a more "formal" reply about it on the forums. We know that this is a feature that some players really want to have as another method of customization for their characters. As it stands right now, this is not a feature we are actively working on. However, I can tell you that our team also has interest in this as a feature and it is something we regularly revisit to try to fit into our development schedule. Unfortunately it just isn't something that is in the cards at this time.

Hope that answers your question.


Stronghold retirement/reactivation, are you pushing us to buy them with cc? | 07.14.2014, 09:46 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Tsillah View Post
I was reading through dulfy's notes and found the following interesting and worrying note:

Upkeep cost to maintain strongholds? Nope but if you deactivate/retire a stronghold, it will cost you to reactivate it if you bought it with credits. If you bought it with cartel coins there is no reactivation fee.

Now I've asked in the sticky thread above and during the last livestream but either they just keep missing the question or are unwilling to answer it but really I think with this starting in about a month's time it's not an unfair question to ask.

Why would anyone retire a stronghold?

The reason I ask the question is because there is a distinction made between buying the stronghold with credits in game or with cartel coins. Now if there is no maintenance cost, I don't actually see a reason why anyone would deactivate it. There just is no need for a player to have that option if it makes no difference to you.

So I have to stronghold retirment actually an option or is it something that simply happens under certain circumstances? There has to be something, why else make a difference between a credit and a cc purchase...

And with that, it just sounds like something that more or less might make people feel forced to buy it with cc in order to avoid any possible negative effects. This is not a nice idea for someone who is subbed either.

So really when you put together that there is no apparent maintenance cost, then why would there be a retirement of a stronghold and more importanly a reactivation fee and yes, why the difference between credit and cc purchases?
Hey Tsillah!

This is a great question. The reason that there is an option to deactivate a stronghold is that when strongholds goes live, there will be a limit of 4 strongholds per legacy. I know what you are thinking, there are only 4 strongholds right now and you would be correct. However, if and when we introduce any strongholds in the future, you would need to deactivate a stronghold (assuming you own all 4) in order to purchase a new one. That is the only circumstance that you would need or likely want to deactivate a stronghold.

Hopefully that answers your question!


Galactic Living EP2 Livestream Notes | 07.10.2014, 04:06 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Wicked View Post
Only bad thing was Eric trying his hand as a decorator. We can assume it is not to be his true calling... Poor Jack got one of his rooms utterly ruined.
Yeah, although it is my favorite feature, I certainly wouldn't say I am good at it. Part of me wanted to go to Jack's desk and have him pull up his Stronghold just to see the look on his face. I am a ruiner.


Community Content Merge and Video Content | 07.09.2014, 03:28 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Julianou View Post
I'm going to make as if the higher comment was not there, and ask again if the french forum will have the same modification ?
Yes, we plan on making this adjustment to the French and German forums, as well. Expect that soon

Community streams | 07.09.2014, 03:25 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by CourtneyWoods View Post
Hey everyone!

We will be continuing the Galactic Living Twitch series tomorrow! This time we will be showing off the Coruscant Skyrise Apartment.

Here's the info:
Hope to see y'all tomorrow!
There you go! ^o^ It'll be updated on our Twitch page on a weekly basis, as well.

Galactic Living Twitch Stream 7/10/2014 | 07.09.2014, 02:25 PM
Hey everyone!

We will be continuing the Galactic Living Twitch series tomorrow! This time we will be showing off the Coruscant Skyrise Apartment.

Here's the info:
Hope to see y'all tomorrow!

Community streams | 07.03.2014, 03:29 PM

Due to the U.S. holiday, July 4th, there are no streams for today or tomorrow. We will resume a normal schedule next week with our Thurs and Fri stream.

Community Content Merge and Video Content | 07.03.2014, 02:02 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by LadyAdmiral View Post
There is this post, but nothing is ever done with random threads that belong in SWTOR general or one of the other forums.
Updated this thread to cover that. Threads should now be moved to more appropriately-suited forums for the topic and discussion.

We just made this change, so it may take a lil bit to comb through the threads ^o^

Keep in mind, you can report and leave a reason if you believe a thread to not be in the appropriate location

Update: Streamers, YouTubers, and all community content. | 07.03.2014, 01:34 PM
Hey there,

Wanted to point out this forum thread to you all, located in the new Community Content forums.

Basically, we're looking to put all community content in one spot.

This now includes:
  • Fansites
  • Podcasts
  • Streams
  • YouTube videos
Along with the original list of topics. Please be sure to read the posts I linked (in this thread) if you're going to be posting your SW:TOR related content.


PS - We now have one giant, yet cozy room that we can all sit around the fireplace and share our love for SW:TOR and the community!
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