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Community Livestream: May 30th, 2014! | 05.30.2014, 10:42 AM
Hey all,

We are back with another Community stream today, May 30th. We will have the entire Community team hanging out today (but Musco is "doing work" and "going to meetings" so he'll be joining a bit later). We'll probably hop around between our characters a bit, so we'll be on The Bastion, The Shadowlands, or Prophecy Of The Five, depending on who's playing at the time.

We'll be streaming from 4:00 CDT to 6:00 CDT. Tune in on our Twitch page!

Hope so see you there!

-Tait, Champion Of Streaming And Making Friends

Incoming Cartel Market Sale | 05.29.2014, 04:34 PM
Hey folks,

I wanted to let you know about a sale coming to the Cartel Market this weekend!

Friday, May 30th at 8AM Central - Sunday, June 1st at 8AM Central

The following Hypercrates:
  • Hypercrate: Crime Lord’s Cartel Pack
  • Hypercrate: Galactic Ace’s Starfighter Pack
  • Hypercrate: Opportunist’s Bounty Pack
  • Hypercrate: Hotshot’s Starfighter Pack
  • Hypercrate: Blockade Runner’s Cartel Pack
  • Hypercrate: Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack
  • Hypercrate: Space Jockey’s Starfighter Pack
  • Hypercrate: Enforcer’s Contraband Pack
  • Hypercrate: Dogfighter’s Starfighter Pack
How Much?
Each of these Hypercrates will be 28% off. I know what you're thinking, 28%?! That's a strange number. The reason that they are 28% is that at that discount they end up being exactly 5500 Cartel Coins, meaning they can be bought in a single purchase.

You may also notice that some of these are embargoed packs so make sure to log in and get them while they're around.

Thanks everyone.


Sage Top 3 Questions - Answered | 05.28.2014, 12:05 PM
Hey folks!

Below you will find the answers to the top 3 Sage questions which were submitted earlier in this forum. Thank you all for your patience as we worked on getting them answered!


PvE - Survivability


Are the developers satisfied with Sage/Sorcerer survivability, specifically in PvE operations? What is your philosophy towards the Sage class and its defenses? Are there any plans to improve the class's current survival tools? For example, by perhaps providing a means with which to move our tools (Force Armor, Force Mend, etc.) off the GCD when cast on yourself?

We are mostly satisfied with Sage/Sorcerer survivability in Operations. If you are a Sage/Sorcerer that specializes in dealing damage, we do not expect you to use Force Armor/Static Barrier on yourself or others in an Operation. If you find this to not be the case in any given encounter, please feel free to post in the Flashpoints, Operations, and Heroic Missions forum, and let the Operations team know specifically which mechanic in which encounter is making you feel like you are required to use Force Armor/Static Barrier on yourself to survive. Also, please note that depending on how you and your healer specialize (if your group has a Sage/Sorcerer healer), your own Force Armor/Static Barrier is likely weaker and more expensive than your Sage/ Sorcerer healer’s Force Armor/Static Barrier. In addition, using your own Force Armor/Static Barrier will lockout your Sage/Sorcerer healer’s stronger and cheaper version of the ability.

Usually, damage dealt to the whole Operation group or to random Operation group members is dealt as elemental or internal damage, so that the classes with higher armor values do not have an advantage over classes with lower armor values, like the Sage/Sorcerer. Sometimes, the Operations team will intentionally decide to not make this damage elemental or internal (as is currently the case in the Dread Master Brontes encounter). If you feel that such practices leave the Sage/Sorcerer in a position that is too vulnerable, then please let us know in the Operations forum (linked above) so that we can address the issue.

Now with that said, we will definitely consider taking the global cooldown off of Force Mend/Unnatural Preservation, but the global cooldown on Force Armor/Static Barrier is there to stay, since it can be placed on others and we do not expect you to use the ability in Operations if you are a damage dealer.

PvP - Seer Spec Issues


Are the developers considering any changes to Seer spec to reduce the heavy reliance on casted abilities or to improve force management in a way that is not detrimental to survival? For example, improving Rejuvenate, reducing the lockout duration of Force Armor, or removing the health cost of Noble Sacrifice via set bonuses?

Sage/Sorcerer healers, we hear you and we see that our data validates what you are saying – as it shows you are currently performing behind both Scoundrel/Operative healers and Commando/Mercenary healers in PvP. We do not currently have any plans to share with you on how we intend to improve Sage/Sorcerer healing in PvP, but it is a priority for us, and we would love to hear your own ideas on how you would like Sage/Sorcerer healing to be improved in PvP without also making Sage/Sorcerer healing too good in PvE. We will say in advance that, “make such-and-such ability activate instantly,” is not a solution we are likely to consider (unless it is a temporary buff triggered by something else, and not a permanent reduction of activation time). Our goal is to keep Sage/Sorcerer healing as close as possible to the way it is in PvE, while improving how it performs in PvP.

Now here are some questions for the Sage/Sorcerer community, regarding Noble Sacrifice/Consumption. Do you believe removing the health cost of Noble Sacrifice/Consumption as a PvP set bonus would be something that PvE Sage/Sorcerer healers also feel like they need, or are PvE Sage/Sorcerers happier with their current set bonuses? If it is something that PvE Sages/Sorcerers would rather have as well, then which current PvE set bonus would you want to give up for it? Do you think that having a health-cost-free Noble Sacrifice/Consumption would be too good for PvE? Do you believe it might take away too much of the challenge for healing in PvE situations?

Please let us know your thoughts about these issues in your replies to this post. We will be listening, and we appreciate your feedback.

Sage as Jedi


Will the developer do anything to ameliorate these issues? Examples include allowing Willpower to affect melee attacks; providing additional worthwhile lightsaber attacks; and offering alternate animations via the Cartel Market or otherwise (Marketing take note!).

We could rather easily make Willpower affect melee attacks for Sages/Sorcerers, but we have no intention to make Sages/Sorcerers use their lightsabers more than they currently do. In terms of lore, the particular attributes that make someone a “Jedi Sage” or a “Sith Sorcerer” vary over the vast timeline of the Star Wars galaxy. And while Yoda and Palpatine were definitely inspirations for these classes, they are never identified by those terms in the films, and it wasn’t our intention to make direct gameplay clones of those characters in any case. Our feeling was that there are many players who want the experience of playing as a Jedi/Sith who relies almost solely on their mastery of the Force to resolve the challenges they face, with the lightsaber serving only as a secondary weapon; these classes were designed with that experience in mind.

As far as offering alternate animations and visual effects via the Cartel Market is concerned, only time will tell. Your message has been passed onto the team responsible for Cartel Market updates, and if it is possible, then you might see those options appear in the future.

Hey Tait - What about the vanity pets bug? | 05.28.2014, 08:19 AM
No word on this yet, folks. I'll poke some more and get back to you.

23/5 Operative Class Rep Questions | 05.27.2014, 12:17 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Moradeth View Post
I believe Eric just sends the direct quote of the post to the devs with no modifications so that there's no possible interpretation of censoring. The entire wildcard post was pretty extreme.
This is correct. I quite literally copy and paste the questions to the dev team to avoid anything being lost. I know that you all work very hard in conjunction with your class rep to get things perfect and I don't want to take that away by changing your words!


23/5 Operative Class Rep Questions | 05.27.2014, 11:44 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by snave View Post
These look great Snave. Thank you for making these adjustments, I do appreciate it. I will get these passed on.


Camera rotation speed increments bugged? | 05.27.2014, 09:50 AM
I'll pass it along for investigation (if it's not already logged), thanks.

Bug Report - Corellia - Unknown Object Located In Worldspace | 05.27.2014, 09:48 AM
Thanks for the post - I'll pass it along!

23/5 Operative Class Rep Questions | 05.27.2014, 09:41 AM
Hey folks,

First off, I apologize for the delay in grabbing your questions from this thread, that is my fault.

In looking over your questions, I want to request a couple of changes before sending them off to the devs for review. My main goal here is that I want to make sure that your questions are answered in a clear and concise way and as part of that, I think there needs be a bit of simplification to your questions.

I appreciate how thorough Snave has been in creating some of the supporting information around each question. Part of the issue though in having all of that information is that each question then becomes multiple questions rolled into one. Keep in mind the goal is to have three questions, although I certainly understand the desire to get as much out of them as you can . Please try to simplify the questions so that they are a bit more simplified and singular.

Also, I know there is quite a bit of frustration in the Operative/Scoundrel community right now. You worry about the viability of your DPS specs in both PvE and PvP. I hope that you can get answers to some of your concerns out of this top three. The one thing I would ask when reworking the questions is to try to keep them constructive and maybe a little nicer . I know you guys are frustrated but please try not to be attacking in your questions.

As an Operative player myself I think I have a fairly good grasp on the questions you are trying to ask. Snave, feel free to PM me if you have any questions or would like assistance. I apologize again for the delay in getting this information over to you.


Say chatter bug | 05.27.2014, 09:23 AM
Hi all,

We understand your frustrations with this bug and its impact on gameplay, and it is right at the top of the list of things we're looking into. Unfortunately, I still don't have any status change for you - we are still looking into it, but there is currently no ETA for a fix.

As soon as I hear anything, I will let you all know.


Lore Fact of the Day | 05.23.2014, 09:14 AM
Happy Friday everyone!

Since we have been talking about Balmorra this week, can you name all of the Companions you can recruit on Balmorra and which Class they go with?

Lore Fact of the Day | 05.22.2014, 09:26 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by undiess View Post
Humbarine. The planet was covered by one giant city, known as an ecumenopolis.

Your hair is amazing and needs nerfed!

Signed, hair fan club

Humbarine is correct! Still working on the hair nerf.

"We will not bow, to these invaders or any other. We have our pride. We have our weapons. We will have our Freedom." - Ardon, Balmorran Resistance Member

No Streams This Week | 05.22.2014, 09:07 AM
Hey folks,

Quick heads up that we are not going to have any streams this week. We have a company event and the Community team will be in some software training. Unfortunately we just wont be available during the normal stream times. Things will kick back to normal next week.


Lore Fact of the Day | 05.21.2014, 08:53 AM
Back with a more difficult trivia question for y'all today!

Balmorra was orginally discovered by colonists of what planet?

[BUG]Nameplate bug is worse than ever. | 05.21.2014, 07:56 AM
We're aware of this issue and have been looking into it. We don't have a fix for it yet, but I'll let everyone know when we do!

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Cantina Tour Arrives in San Diego, California! | 05.20.2014, 02:42 PM
Hey everyone!

We are back at the Commons Bar this year for our Cantina Tour Event in San Diego. If you are at Comic-Con or just in the area, please stop by and hang out with us!

Looking forward to seeing some of y'all there!

Corsec Electrobaton animation glitch | 05.20.2014, 12:39 PM
The color crystal not changing the color is intended - it's listed in the Cartel Market description of the item.

I'll pass along the information about the animation though to make sure the team knows! Thanks!


Codex Entries start fix in Patch 2.2.1 - 6 fixed, 309 still bugged (full list here) | 05.20.2014, 11:10 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by theStirge View Post
Latest patch notes for the PTS says "7 Unobtainable Codex Entries Removed", but I don't have the PTS, can anyone check what they might be? Theoretically the category totals should have changed. Although I suppose we could just wait for the live release.
They actually aren't named entries. They're just erroneous entries that unintentionally inflated the listed number of entries available through gameplay. So yes, you will see a change in category totals in 2.8.

Whirlwind doesn't work. For BioWare. Proof inside. | 05.20.2014, 09:46 AM
You're correct - this is not working as intended. I've passed it along to the team. Thanks!

"May 11th" Pet & Title Not In Collections | 05.20.2014, 09:29 AM
Thanks for your post - we'll take a look!
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