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PvP in Game Update 2.0: Scum and Villainy | 04.05.2013, 01:09 PM
Check out Assistant Designer Alex Modny's new blog on changes coming the PvP Systems in Game Update 2.0: Scum and Villainy.

Question of the Day 4/5/2013 | 04.05.2013, 11:38 AM
It's the Friday before Game Update 2.0! Today's question of the day is:

Of the over 2000 Achievements, how many do you think you will have unlocked on Tuesday when Scum and Villainy goes live?

I think I'm going to have quite a few Achievements that are not quite there, but I also think I've done a lot of our content! So ... I'm going to say only about 20-30 that are totally complete. Thinking about this answer has me more excited to see which ones I am only missing tiny bits of (and how far off I am in my estimate)!

Scheduled Maintenance: April 8th-9th [UPDATE: Servers Available] | 04.05.2013, 09:44 AM
On April 8th at 6PM PDT (April 9th, 1AM GMT) all game servers,, and the launcher will be unavailable as we perform scheduled maintenance. Game Update 2.0 will be implemented during this downtime.

After maintenance, Early Access will begin for those who preordered Rise of the Hutt Cartel by January 7th, 2013. For more information and announcements about this exciting new Digital Expansion, please visit our Digital Expansion Page.

Details are as follows:
Date: Monday April 8th- Tuesday April 9th
Duration: 6 hours
Time: April 8th, 6PM PDT (April 9th, 1AM GMT ) - April 9th, 12AM PDT (7AM GMT)

Thank you for your patience as we maintain service for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

SIS Intel Report: Key locations overview of the planet Makeb | 04.04.2013, 02:41 PM
Agent Theron Shan has sent an urgent field report on the key locations on Makeb. Please discuss it here!

Display Name Only Log In Now Live | 04.04.2013, 02:26 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Twin View Post
Then how come i have to get that code of yours EVERY time i log out of the forum and want to log back in? I just tried it - and i have the same IP now as i had before i logged out, and even so i still had to get the code. Why?

EDIT: And fyi, being forced to spend around 28h per year just login into my email if i wanna make 5 separate posts on your forum each day, thats not an inconvenience - It's insane.

I've been looking into this, and while your game authentications (10+ times logged in) are working as expected without you getting prompted for an OTP, you are indeed getting prompted too often when logging on to the website.

From what we are seeing in the logs, it appears you are using 'incognito' mode, or disallowing cookies to be saved within the browser. This could be something you have done on purpose to stop being tracked by ad trackers (I do something similar using a NoScript addon in conjunction with a Ghostery addon), or something an addon in your browser is doing for you without you realizing.

Either way, stopping cookies from being able to be saved for the SWTOR website will mean that you get prompted every time you open the browser and go to the website.

You could use a different browser that hasn't been customized as a test (log in once to create cookie, close browser and go to SWTOR again to see if you get prompted again). I'd be interested in the results.

Question of the Day 4/4/2013 | 04.04.2013, 01:22 PM
It is that time of the day...question time!

How are you going to spend your last Double XP weekend before Rise of the Hutt Cartel?

Getting my level 35 Assassin to 50! I spent so much time with planetary content and Flashpoints on my Marauder last weekend I think I may PvP and space my way to 50 this time!

How about you?


Whats your companion Dream Team? | 04.04.2013, 11:38 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Sentanta View Post
If you could hand-pick a companion for each specialisation, which companions would you choose for your "Dream Team" and why?

My personal list is :-

Healer - Mako (Nice easy going companion and great to get her so early)
Melee Tank - Tanno Vik (I love his attitude and underhandedness)
Melee DPS - Akaavi Spaar (Personally my fave companion - she can really hold her own against most mobs)
Ranged Tank - Blizz (Nuff said)
Ranged DPS - Gault Rennow (Andronikos Revel was a very close second for this position but Gault is more fun and entertaining)

I based my list on the companions I like to run missions with and their abilities and combat skills - I did not take into account crew skill benefits!

So what would be your Dream Team?
Ooooh I love this thread.

I broke mine up by faction.

  • Healer - Quinn (Because you can never get too much "My Lord")
  • Melee Tank - Khem Val (Deep down he is just a lovable teddy bear, hungry for souls...)
  • Melee DPS - Torian (This was so tough for me. Vector and Torian are probably my favorite companions, but I had to go with Torian just because I like his animations more. But Vector is an extremely close second.)
  • Ranged Tank - Kaliyo (Because she is my favorite lady to get into trouble with)
  • Ranged DPS - Gault (Andronikos was a close second for me as well, OP, but Gault is just to hilarious.)

  • Healer - Doc (Gotta have my smooth talking scoundrel)
  • Melee Tank - Lord Scourge (obviously)
  • Melee DPS - Nadia Grell (I love her character design and she can kick major butt!)
  • Ranged Tank - M1 4X (Patriotic Droid FTW!)
  • Ranged DPS - Aric Jorgan (My XO till the end!)

Campaign Armoring Set Bonus? | 04.04.2013, 11:11 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Aries_cz View Post
To my knowledge, the set bonus should remain confined to the armoring mod, so yes, your orange gear should retain its bonus as long as you keep that Campaign armoring slotted in
To help set minds at ease Aries_cz is correct! The set bonus remains attached to the armoring mod so as long as you keep the Campaign armoring in your armor, you will receive the set bonus.


Developer Update: Legacy Achievements | 04.03.2013, 03:30 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by elitenz View Post
I loved this on the PTS but lots of it was broken with rewards not being given to alts via the legacy Achievement system !example a title it would mail you that title but it was a 1 time use and then it wouldn't allow me to select that title once again from within the Legacy Achievement panel system.

Also the titles were not listed under your legacy titles they were listed under the normal section of your player titles so I hope all this has been fixed because if not it's going to be a mess like it was on the PTS.
The titles have all been moved to the Legacy Title system. They will be granted like other Legacy Titles and will be available to all characters, except in the case of a few faction specific ones that will only be displayable on characters of the same faction---for instance, the Republic Ace title can only be used on your Republic characters.

Developer Update: Legacy Achievements | 04.03.2013, 03:26 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by bsbrad View Post
Thank you to "Sir" William Wallace for explaining this....

Can you add a Freedom achievement
Sure, but I would make it two achievements.

"They'll Never Take Our Freedom..." - Deliver an inspirational speech to your group mates while in a Warzone.

"...But They May Take Our Lives" - Kill any player who is currently delivering an inspirational speech in a Warzone.

Developer Update: Legacy Achievements | 04.03.2013, 02:30 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Renata_Roselli View Post
So do you need to complete all the crafting skills on one character to get the "Master Craftsman" title or is it based on legacy characters as well. Meaning, if I have various skills at 450 across multiple characters that add up to the total amount of skills in the game.
All achievements are legacy based---all of your characters contribute to all of your achievements. So, you could max out 2 crew skills on your main, 2 on an alt, etc., and it would all contribute to the one Master Craftsman achievement for your legacy. (The title reward would then be available to all characters as well) This is true for all types of achievements.

Developer Update: Legacy Achievements | 04.03.2013, 02:27 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Renata_Roselli View Post
So do you need to complete all the crafting skills on one character to get the "Master Craftsman" title or is it based on legacy characters as well. Meaning, if I have various skills at 450 across multiple characters that add up to the total amount of skills in the game.
Hey Renata_Roselli,

All Achievements, including the Master Craftsman, is tracked across your Legacy. So you do not need to complete all crafting skills on one character.

Hope that helps!

Any Word on 2.0 Color Crystals (Level, CM, Upgrades)? | 04.03.2013, 02:15 PM
Color crystals current maximum stat is +41 and this will remain in place as we move into 2.0 and Rise of the Hutt Cartel!


Developer Update: Legacy Achievements | 04.03.2013, 01:51 PM
Senior Game Designer, William Wallace, took a break from dancing with womp rats to give some details on the new Legacy Achievement system coming in Game Update 2.0: Scum and Villainy. Please discuss the blog in this thread!

ONe time password freaking annoying | 04.03.2013, 12:41 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Aries_cz View Post
The problem is that the physical security key fobs are out of stock from official site, and there has been no official word (to my knowledge) on when they will become available again. And not everyone has Android or Apple device
There is an official word on this...

We are in process of restocking the European Origin Store with the Physical Security Key, and as soon as I have an exact date I will post it.

For answers around the changes made on the 2nd with regards to Display Name, OTP and Self Service options, please check the following two threads:
Second announcement I recommend reading through as it has 'moar things' explained:

Current thread we want new questions to go into:

Comm Conversion & Caps in 2.0 (Bioware needs to communicate) | 04.03.2013, 12:18 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Jacen_Starsolo View Post
Is the comm conversion on Tuesday the 9th or on the 14th? How it stands I am guessing the 9th since RotHC goes live that day for preorder people who did it early.
The Commendation conversions will go live on the 9th when early access starts and 2.0 goes live.

Question of the Day 4/3/2013 | 04.03.2013, 12:15 PM
What would you do for some sparkle powder?

Personal Answer: What wouldn't I do for some sparkle powder?

PVP Brackets in Makeb | 04.03.2013, 09:42 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by stephenalandavie View Post
Ok now another question which is valid here, Will the bolster still be present in level 55??
Yes. The new Bolster will be present in all Brackets.

Level 55 entry date | 04.03.2013, 09:16 AM
I was going to shoot in and answer _DarkTemplar_'s question but you folks went ahead and did that already. I am going to just quote bbare on this one as they explained it quite nicely

Good work everyone, carry on!


Quote: Originally Posted by bbare View Post
People who get the early access will be able to lvl to 55 on the 9th. People who didn't will have to wait until the 14th. I'll explain it as best as I can:

There are two "updates" that are associated with 2.0

1. The game update

2. The expansion pack.

The game update will include the new skills, skill trees, stat formulas, crafting tier, etc...

The expansion pack includes the additional 5 levels and access to Makeb. By De Facto, it will also include the new operations, HM FP's, and dailies, because those require a higher level.

If you pre-ordered on time, you will have access to both the game update and the expansion pack on the 9th. If you pre-ordered "late" you will have access to the game update on the 9th, but you won't have access to the expansion till the 14th. If you aren't even purchasing the expansion, you will have access to the game update on the 9th, but not the expansion pack until you buy it.

Dev Clarification on "Class Mission" XP Bonus' in RotHC | 04.03.2013, 09:05 AM
As some have already alluded to in the thread, class mission bonus experience will have no effect on Makeb. Technically speaking, the missions you will be going through in Rise of the Hutt Cartel are planetary arcs, etc. and are not classified as class missions.


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