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Community Round-Up: March 21st, 2013

The Community Round-Up has returned! And you will probably notice it’s a little different. While we will still continue to focus on server events and “fun” threads, we are now going to include some of the most active issue threads on the forums. Of course, this isn’t going to be all active threads on the forums (otherwise I would just be copying and pasting General Discussion in this blog), but it will point you to selected key discussions for the week.

If you have nominations for next week’s Round-Up, please post them in this thread.

Let’s begin!


Server Events

Get to know the community on your server by participating in player-created events. Below are some occurring this week! Be sure to take a look at the Server Forums to find other events happening on your individual server.

Begeren Colony

  • Ranked PvP: “MONDAYS: Grim Determination, Ascension Strikes Back, and Infamous are queueing (competitive) ranked Monday, March 18, 7:30PM PST. Contact Melyn (Republic, ASB), Denikus/Xerec (Republic, Infamous), or Approxy (Imperial, GD) for questions about what happens those nights. FRIDAYS: Black Sun Rising and Grim Determination (B team) are queuing ranked at 8PM PST. Contact Urdnought (BSR) or Rylorn/Approxy (GD) for what happens those nights. This night, coined "Idk yet" by Urdnought is a great opportunity for new teams to get in the ranked scene.”
  • sALTurday!: “"Salturday" is a weekly event designed to get as many people from Begeren Colony hanging out, leveling together, having fun, and leveling their characters at the same time. The idea is that this will start small and, as we catch up in level to more and more people's alts, eventually grow large by the later planets. Hopefully, Salturdays will eventually include world bosses. In the meantime, however, we will attempt to complete weekly flashpoints and heroics, giving time in each section for members to complete their class quests as well.”
  • Bloodsport: “Black Sun Rising is hosting a new event called Bloodsport! This will be a bare knuckle brawl with a prize for both the winner and runner-up. Using the legacy fist fighting attacks, applicants will duel to the death for a chance at galaxy-wide fame and glory (and those sweet, sweet credits).”

Jedi Covenant

  • Origin Server Pvp Night: “Hi Guys, just had a new idea for a pvp night. With all the server transfers, guild merges and hopping around I thought it would be fun to have a origin server ranked night. Teams are based on your first server ie. Kellers Void, Shi-Cho, JC originals, Canderous Ordo. See if you can get some teams together and we can try and organize it.”

Jung Ma

  • The Ranked Night Initiative - A Call to the Server: “Show up for ranked PvP with any number of people (or solo) on Wednesday nights. (Hopefully Thursday / Friday too!)”
  • Stars In Their Courses (RP Event): “Greetings and Salutations on behalf of my master, the Magnificent and most Puissant lord of all he surveys, Naggon the Hutt. Though it has been lost for ages, the ever knowledgeable and all-knowing Lord Naggon is now aware that the priceless Star of Suzerains has been recovered by the Jedi known as the Knights of Sokan. His Immensity makes it known to all that riches beyond the dreams of avarice await any who can retrieve the ruby.”

Master Dar'Nala

Prophecy of the Five

  • Weekly 3v3 Tournies?! GO!: “WEDNESDAYS! And they will start at 9pm EST! The first Tourny Will start 27/03/13! So you have a week!”

The Ebon Hawk

  • Wednesday Night Datacron Expedition & World Boss Hunt [Imperial]: “The Third Season of the Former "Tuesday Night Datacron Expedition & World Boss Hunt" will now be on Wednesdays (had to change due to RL conflict) starting on Wednesday Jan 23rd, 2013. We will be starting out on Hutta/Korriban and working our way up through the planets getting all the datacrons and hunting the world bosses as possible (and other elite mobs and pretty much everything that gets in our way). We end the season with a run for the +10 to all stats datacrons.”
  • The Ebon Hawk Bounty Board: “Hello everyone. I'm AlyxDinas. Back on Lord Adraas, I ran a player bounty board which offered missions for IC open world PvP and even PvE. The original idea came from my friend Darth_Slaine, an Ebon Hawk player. He ran his own board as well for a time.With his permission, I've been allowed to continue the process. All participation is optional but it can lead to some really interested and suspenseful RP. I monitor the board close, keep it updated often, and generally do my best to provide a fun little "game" for people to participate in.”

Tomb of Freedon Nadd

  • Announcing “I am Bell'ona from Impulse and you might have bumped into me on warzones sometime. I do mostly PvP nowadays and would like to see more teams to play ranked and generally get more coverage to the servers PvP scene. I think Nutpens RWZ league is a good example of an good effort. So I decided to create a website, that would gather all the stuff related to ToFN PvP tournaments in one place. Including standings, schedules, results, teams and so on. My purpose is to gather links to streams and other content much as possible, here is an example. I was hoping that I would have time to do interviews with GM's and other stuff later. So please check it out and write some comments or wishes about contents or functionalities.”


SWTOR Subreddit


Forum Round-Up

Display Name Only Log In - Update 2 - Coming April 2, 2013: Head of SWTOR Security, Phillip Holmes answers some questions about the upcoming Display Name only log in change.

Can we get a response on the Ilum Boosting please?: Community Manager, Eric Musco answers player’s questions about low level characters using the Heroic Mobs on Ilum to power level their characters. Our immediate fix will be to remove bolster from Ilum, but this is only a temporary solution. We will continue to investigate the issue and intend to have a more permanent solutation before the Relics of the Gree event returns.

Companions 101: Mako: Our latest Companions 101 blog came out this week. Players shared their favorite Mako moments in this thread as well as suggested Companions for upcoming blogs. For the Quinn fans out there, Community Production Specialist, Courtney Woods let them know that he will be the first Imperial Companion covered in our second round of the Companions 101 series.

Disappointed about so-called "New In Game Barber-Shop": Players discuss the upcoming customization feature mentioned in the State of the Game #3. Eric Musco addresses some of their concerns.

If Companions could post to the forums.: Companions have invaded the forums!

Nefash's Pilot Training School - Space Missions Resource: Soneil put together this amazing site with guides to The Old Republic space combat missions.


Thank you for all of the fun and interesting discussions this week! There are many other great conversations happening in the forums that are not on this list so be sure to look around. Please don’t forget to nominate your favorite threads and events for next week’s Round-Up by posting here!